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Gerry Elsdon - Rantseli

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Gerry Rantseli

Gerry also uses her public profile as a celebrity to get involved in as many social projects as possible. She has assisted as an AIDS Ambassador for the President’s Office and she frequently helps organizations such as CHOC and the Othandweni Children’s Home.



Gerry Eldson Rantseli started her working career within the liberation struggle as a teenager on the Cape Flats. She later followed the move of one of her mentors, Cheryl Carolus to Johannesburg to work for the African National Congress (ANC) at National level.

Gerry Rantseli

Gerry first worked in the Department of International Affairs as a secretary in the office of Thabo Mbeki (who was then the Head of International Affairs and now our second democratically elected President) and finally, she worked in the Department of Local Government and Housing, learning from men such as Thozamile Botha and Slovo.

Gerry also uses her public profile as a celebrity to get involved in as many social projects as possible. She has assisted as an AIDS Ambassador for the President’s Office and she frequently helps organizations such as CHOC and the Othandweni Children’s Home.

In 2008, she became the spokesperson for the World Health Organizations South African ‘STOP TB!’ Campaign.  On invitation (of then Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala Msimang), she assisted in highlighting the plight of those struggling with TB, HIV and AIDS. She is set to do more publicity work for the health ministry.

Gerry addresses these issues:

·    Your Goddess Within
·    Discover Your True Purpose
·    Flying Without Wings

In 2001, Gerry was appointed Head of Television and Broadcasting for Allenby Campus, a niche college with campuses country wide. The television, radio and drama course included music, movement/dance, the basics of entertainment law, agency management and film analysis which attracts students who are interested in working in television and theatre.

She teaches the television component of the course at 5 campuses across the country.

In April 2002, she was Master of Ceremonies at the International Vaccination Conference held in Cape Town, endorsed and attended by former South African President, Nelson Mandela and Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Mrs. Graca Machel Mandela.

Gerry is determined to inspire an interest in the arts amongst young people and to encourage creativity as a means of expression, whilst instilling a culture of learning and business skills to equip young performers and artists for the future.

In 2002, Soulmate Productions, headed by Gerry and Alex Rantseli, got together with the publishing house, Carpe Diem Media, to create an inspirational publication called Soul Magazine, with Gerry has an Editor.

The magazine aims to begin a journey towards inner freedom as well as intellectual/emotional stimulation and self-love amongst women, by nurturing and healing both the physical body and the spirit.

In 2004, Soulmate Productions launched its personal development division, aimed at creating a networking and training environment in which women can grow and develop their skills but also developing the leaders of tomorrow. Gerry currently holds active Directorships in Hlobisile Transport Management (a young trucking company, carving a niche for itself). She is also the Marketing Director of Centurion Academie, a Pretoria-based Tertiary Institution, whilst upholding her public image as the face of ‘LUX’, in Southern Africa.

In August 2005, she was appointed the Patron of Othandweni Children’s Home with 2006, watching her launch Cinnamon Communications (Learn, Grow and Experience the Essence of Life).

Gerry heads this company by herself, focusing on motivational workshops, grooming and image workshops, networking breakfasts, skills development and training courses, corporate solutions programs, corporate wellness programs and the celebrity friend’s workshop series.

In 2007, she launched the Gerri E Signature Collection, a jewelry range comprising of Swarovski crystals and fine metals. She is also a host of ‘One Gospel’ on DSTV.

Gerry is still one of South Africa’s prominent MC’s, as it is one of her favorite roles. She handles the job with integrity and utmost professionalism, which ensures clients coming back to secure her services, again and again.  




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