Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers

Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers
Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers

Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers

Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers is a group of young musicians from Langa, a township near Cape Town in South Africa. Their name ‘Abavuki’ means ‘wake up early birds!’ which not only refers to their youth but also to their philosophy of seizing the moment and getting things done for themselves.

The members developed a love for music at a young age. They started playing with various groups and towards the end of 2001, they all came together and began to create their unique brand of African Jazz.

Using marimbas, percussion and brass instruments, they weave traditional African rhythms and melodies into a contemporary format.

Their music, with its strong African and Latin American overtones, is very accessible and highly danceable. Book Adavuki through Speakers Inc

Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers

In 2009, they recorded an album of ‘soul music’ covers for Prestige Elite records in the UK. It was a very interesting experience as most of the songs to be recorded were new to them. The album ‘Africa Got Soul’ was subsequently released in the UK.

Their media coverage includes a BBC radio documentary on the group which was aired on BBC 4 and made a TV documentary for ‘What’s Your Story?’

They perform twice a week at the Marimba Africa in Long Street, Cape Town.

International Noteworthy Performances:

During 2010, Abavuki travelled to Sweden and spent March and April on the Baltic Sea, courtesy of Viking Lines. They performed daily on the M/S Isabella which travels between Sweden and Finland.

In 2006, they travelled to China where they spent a week in each of Urumqi, Xi’ning and Beijing. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

Their second album, ‘Live in China’ was recorded in Xi’ing.

Abavuki-Conference Corporate Entertainers