Adv Neville Melville

Adv Neville Melville - Speaker Trainer
Advocate Neville Melville - Speaker & Trainer

Adv Neville Melville is a consultant who is also involved in training activities. His clients have included the National Credit Regulator, the National Consumer Tribunal and all of the financial ombudsman offices.

He developed an industry code and Ombud’s procedures for The Consumer Goods Council. He is currently conducting seminars on the Consumer Protection Act around the country. Advocate Mellville is now available through Speakers Inc.

The new Consumer Protection Act will have a significant impact on the way business is conducted in South Africa.

It will apply to virtually every business transaction and apply to manufacturers, retailers, professional service providers, franchises, NGOs, trade unions, government departments and municipalities.

Previously, Adv Neville Melville headed the Ombudsman for Banking Services for a period of seven years. Prior to that, he set up and was Executive Director of the Independent Complaints Directorate and a practicing Advocate with a criminal and commercial law practice.

Advocate Melville’s latest book is the Consumer Protection Act made easy. He has spoken on radio and television and in the press on the Act and is a co-member of a Consumer Protection Act implementation portal, on which businesses are able to get free assessments of their level of compliance with the Act.


The Consumer Protection Act Made Easy book includes:

• An easy to follow explanation of all provisions of the Act.
• A jurisdiction checker.
• Tried and tested techniques for dealing with difficult customers.
• A practical guide to drafting legal documents in plain language.
• Compliance worksheets.
• Practical examples.

Advocate Mellville’s videos:

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