Aletta Rochat – Presentation Skills

Aletta Rochat - Presentation Skills Trainer
Aletta Rochat - Presentation Skills Trainer

Aletta Rochat – Presentation Skills is a sought after speaker at corporate events, company meetings, associations and corporate events.

She is an engaging speaker who has the unique ability to connect with one or one thousand regardless of industry; empowering them with tools and techniques to create a more powerful presence, executive image and teaching them how to effectively communicate in today’s demanding business environment.

As an Executive Speech Coach, Aletta Rochat works with clients helping them define their message in a way that engages the audience.
Clear messages are remembered and repeated. Book through Speakers Inc
Her clients leave with new-found confidence in their presentations which lead to more sales, enhanced credibility and new customers.
Whether delivering presentations, speeches, media interviews, or preparing for meetings and high profile events,
Aletta will show you how to project executive presence and gain credibility and be effective in delivering your key message.
The good news is that time with an Executive Speech Coach delivers results relatively quickly.
Your presentations will be more purposeful as you learn how to deliver a message that your audience wants to hear.

Your success is measureable and you know When you have inspired your audience to take the desired steps – then you know your presentation is effective in achieving your goal.


Are you ever curious as to why some people seem to inspire confidence and empower listeners while others do not have executive presence and strong leadership qualities?
Your ability to influence opinions during meetings, presentations or daily interactions is crucial to building your personal brand. How people perceive you is under your control. Strong presentation skills will equip you to come across as an authentic credible leader.

Aletta Rochat – Presentation Skills

To maximize your potential and communicate more efficiently with employees, management, team members and clients, you must adapt your communications style that is most beneficial for them to better process your information and messages.
You will learn to control nerves, organize content, slides and speak with conviction to better connect with listeners and influence outcomes.
Aletta will help you to tailor your message to your audience so they truly care about what you have to say.
Today leaders at all levels are expected to be highly articulate, passionate and effective presenters and often find themselves doing a “quick YouTube video” or presentation to the board via tele-conferencing.
The Media Presentation Training will equip you to perform confidently in this new digital public environment, develop your key messages, practise your interview technique and build your confidence in studio scenarios.
We often have all the information, but our audience don’t get the message.
Through powerful message development techniques you will know how to articulate your figures, reports and facts clearly, concisely and with impact.
Turning words and explanations into powerful messages that resonate with different audiences is essential for anyone trying to create understanding , influence perceptions or drive results.
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