Allan Heyl – Motivational Speaker

Allan Heyl - Motivational Speaker
Allan Heyl

Allan Heyl – Motivational Inspirational Speaker

Unique insights, based on unique experiences from Allan Heyl – Motivational Inspirational Speaker, the only survivor of the notorious so-called ‘Stander Gang’!
Treat yourself and your staff to either ‘Dare to Dream the Imposssible’ or ‘Choices and Decisions’, probably the two most inspiring and memorable talks you are ever likely to hear through Speakers Inc


Share with Allan the profound lessons he learned on his incredible journey down a slippery slope of moral deprivation that culminated in him serving more than 27 years in prison both here in South Africa and the U.K. for a string of bank heists and a prison escape and from which, realistically, he should never have emerged.

Hear first-hand how a poor self-image undermines our thought processes and how dangerously and easily a cycle of negative thinking can entrap us in a debilitating spiral of moral degeneration.

His story is overwhelmingly one of hope and ultimate redemption.  Let Allan Heyl-Motivational Inspirational Speaker share with you the amazing techniques that empowered him to understand the dynamics of choice and how he overcame his negative, self-destructive thought processes which ultimately enabled him to affirm that ‘freedom of choice’ is a reality and that by daring to dream the impossible, he survived what should have been the un-survivable!

This incredible story, ultimately, is not about Allan Heyl.  Rather, it is testimony to the amazing spirit and resilience inherent in us all; let Allan help you unlock it.  Bring REAL value to your organization!

What emotional prison are you trapped in?
Confront and overcome your demons.
Achieve your full potential by using the power of repeated words and thoughts.
Dealing with regrets.
Beware ‘the slippery slope’!
The power of the collective consciousness.
Overcome stress and depression!!!!!


When economies are in a very healthy condition, then even mediocre salespeople flourish.  They simply ‘go with the flow’, taking orders as never before, on the crest of a seemingly endless wave of growth, optimism and readily available capital.

However, when economies recede, then so do the mediocre… within negative, self-destructive emotional prisons of their own creation, by allowing others’ ‘gloom and doom’ to become their reality and so easily and conveniently blaming their failure and wretchedness on ‘market conditions’.

Through Allan Heyl – Motivational Inspirational Speaker fascinating presentation, ‘Choices and Decisions’, learn how and why some of us are blessed with a healthy self-worth and why most of us have a self-worth which, in varying degrees, is less or far less than healthy.

The very good news is that self-worth is not etched in stone.  Once an unhealthy self-worth is recognised and its origins understood, it is simply a case of applying very simple techniques to change a worthless and self-destructive attitude.

Once you have dealt with the negative self-worth issues in your life, you will be in a position to reach the ultimate self-empowerment, which is that:

Happiness is a CHOICE!!  Success is a DECISION!!

The essence of Allan Heyl’s messages, are of universal application and can be tailored to suit a variety of settings/needs, including keynote addresses, after-dinner talks, training, motivational and team-building functions. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter



“Allan really has so much to offer.  He is genuinely rehabilitated and humble in the extreme.  His story depicts how a desperate time in his life led him down the wrong path with severe consequences.  Yet through his ordeal, he’s emerged as a caring person, genuinely interested in making a positive contribution to our society.” Gidon Novick, CEO of KULULA.COM and Executive Director of COMAIR

“We enjoyed your frank, positive and informative chat and I am sure that every individual that attended took away a lesson or two.  You are certainly a remarkable individual, only seeing the positive in life’s journey and building on that.” Brian Joffe, CEO, BIDVEST

“11/10 – Unbelievable – just great!” Dave Koff, Group Services Manager, BIDVEST

“Absolutely awesome.  The audience was spellbound.” Allan Duke, Marketing Director, PROTEA HOTELS

“A very meaningful message based on hard experience, delivered in an honest and humble manner.  Captivated everybody in the room.” – Myles Dent, Manager Marketing & Communications, GOODYEAR

“10/10 – The audience reaction was very positive; well delivered, interesting and inspiring – many people were emotionally moved.” Terry Sorour, MD, McCARTHY TOYOTA

“He is a wonderful man, very eloquent, we found him to be inspirational and humble.  Would definitely recommend him.  Everyone should hear him at least once.  To quote one of the delegates, “The guest speaker has left a lasting impression on me.”Liese Homan, INVESTEC

“The content was great and by sharing his personal experiences, there was so much the diverse audience could relate to.  He truly exceeded our expectations.”Mpho Lethloko, Young Entrepreneurs Organisation

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have time with Allan.  The team was fascinated and motivated by him so much that they still speak about him.  WE ALL wanted him to stay longer.  I personally thank you for offering his services to us. WE HAD A BALL!!!”Zama Khumalo, HR Dept, CITY OF JO’BURG