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Allon Raiz - Business Speaker

Allon Raiz – Management is regarded both locally and globally as a pioneer and maverick in the business-incubation industry. He is the founder and CEO of Raizcorp which, according to The Economist, is the only genuine incubator in Africa and which currently supports over 500 businesses.

Inspire is a division of Raizcorp which is, according to The Economist, the only genuine incubator in Africa that provides full-service enterprise development programmes that guide entrepreneurs to profitability (The Economist, April 8th–4th 2017).

Inspire cultivates entrepreneurial thinking by offering a range of sponsored engagements including entrepreneurial workshops and talks by Raizcorp CEO, Allon Raiz.

Title of Programme: Shift Questions for Executives

Objectives of the programme: Shift Questions Workshop for Executives equips participants with the skills they need to challenge their own established patterns of thinking. It allows them to identify their current thinking paradigms and how these are preventing them from finding alternative solutions to problems or recognising opportunities when they present themselves. The facilitated workshop is based in the understanding that a defining characteristic of many successful entrepreneurs – and “intrepreneurial” thinkers within corporate companies – is their ability to think differently and find creative solutions to problems. Harnessing this ability starts with asking questions. By asking the right questions at the right time and in the right sequence, one can unlock new answers and solutions.

Who should attend? Executives, middle management, sales executives

What does the workshop consist of? The Shift Questions workshop has 2 sections. The first section frames the day, and is where the facilitator takes the audience through a process of understanding the Shift Questions model. Once the facilitator completes the first section, the delegates will have a short break. During this break, the delegates receive their Shift Questions workbooks. The facilitator then explains how to use the book, making reference to what has already been covered in the first section. Following this, the facilitator then uses the Random Number Generator to select questions to be investigated.

Duration of workshop: The workshop is a full-day facilitated session divided into two sections.

Allon Raiz – Management


“We used Raizcorp in two sessions during 2017 and received great feedback from delegates but, more importantly, all our organisational objectives were achieved each time. These sessions helped us change the mindset of senior leadership in the business that was stuck in their current ways and we needed a new level of output.

Allon’s process of questioning and drilling down into some issues to uncover a unexplored opportunity helped us to move beyond the same old answers we are so used to in the business.

His business experience and knowledge across all aspects of the business created massive value add and allowed us to let the conversation flow into related pain points that some needed to address before they could make the mind shift.

On a personal note, I rate this as one of the best and most useful sessions I have attended in my working career.” Chris Oosthuisen – Head of Tied Sales, Liberty Group

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