Andrew Eiland – Conference Magician

Andrew Eiland-Conference Magician
Andrew Eiland-Conference Magician

Andrew Eiland – Conference Magician (better known as ‘Magic Man’) stands heads and shoulders above every other magician in his country of birth. Andrew was introduced to the magic profession by Erik Sloan and then mentored by the late Andreas Sliwa-Wyszmirski whilst on tour through Europe.

This world-class performer is one of the most experienced and well-travelled musicians in the country and he is well known for his versatility in the illusion field. Book Andrew through Speakers Inc

He is the only conjurer to headline at every single casino and comedy club in South Africa.

Andrew’s performance specialty is interactive, mind-shaking brilliant sleight of hand, spiced with pure comedy genius.

From the Rolling Stones to U2, Magic Man has entertained the finest!

He has performed at the Edinburgh Festival and headlined at top night spots across Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.

He has ‘wowed’ his audiences for over two years on some of the finest cruise lines in the world, entertaining the rich and famous. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

Andrew Eiland – Conference Magician show has tremendous appeal for all age groups. Hi unique combination of talent and skill (along with professional skill and his sincere desire to help each client individually), puts him in a class of his own!

“Never before has such a talented and funny magician graced our shores in South Africa!”
Joe Parker, Parker’s Comedy

“We cannot believe 68 shows completed and every single one fantastic & funny!”
ABI (Coca Cola Launch Tour)

“I must congratulate you on being able to entertain and baffle the minds of what we thought was the toughest audience in the world”
The Gordon Institute of Business


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