Aubrey Poo – Conference Corporate MC

Aubrey Poo - Conference Corporate MC
Aubrey Poo - Conference Corporate MC

Aubrey Poo – Conference Corporate MC

Aubrey Poo – Conference Corporate MC Presenter, Creative Director and Producer, Aubrey Poo boasts 14 years in the South African Theatre, Television and Film Industry.

His understanding of the business has seen him momentously grow over the years; not only as an actor but also as a young entrepreneur and creative force within the industry.

Aubrey got into the Arts at an early age at Pro Arte Alphen Park High School where he specialised in Drama. Book through Speakers Inc

Aubrey Poo – Conference Corporate MC

He further completed his National Diploma in Dramatic Arts at Pretoria Technikon in 2000 (now known as Tshwane University of Technology) thus giving him an advantageous 8 years in training.

In 2002, he won an FNB Vita Award for ‘Best Performance by a New Actor’ for his role in the critically acclaimed Play@Risk, directed by Megan Wilson.

Shortly afterwards, he landed the lead role of ‘Gabriel’ in the musical, ‘Far from the Maddening Crowd’ at the Durban Play House and he later travelled to Spain, performing a musical tribute to ‘Motown’.

Upon his return to Spain, Aubrey joined the Barnyard Theatre family and he worked on ‘Diamonds & Dust’ for close to two years.

Over the years and in between TV roles, he has come back to the theatre playing lead roles in ‘Soweto Story’, ‘RENT’, ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Mandela Trilogy’.

As an actor, he has maintained going back to work on stage to fine tune his craft.

He has done award winning work in and out of South Africa: ‘Dreamgirls’ (SA, 2013), Dreamgirls USA Tour 2012 – 2013, Cape Town Opera’s Mandela Trilogy which has toured the UK and Germany.

He received 2 Naledi Theatre Award Nominations for both of these roles in 2012. Not only is he the Director of his company, Nicogenix (Pty) Ltd.

Aubrey is a Creative Producer with the unveiling of the FIFA 2010 Emblem, presented in Berlin (July 2006), the launch of the NEF’s Business Planner and Mentorship Program and the Nedbank Phendula Tour (as part of some his biggest projects under his belt).

Aubrey co-wrote and co-staged one of the most successful Barnyard Theatre works; Diamonds & Dust, in which he also performed the lead role (as read above).

In 2005, he broke into television and he has since built up an extensive repertoire in television, with works across all of the broadcasters in South Africa; extensive work across all SABC channels, Scandal for e-TV, The Wild for M-Net).

Aubrey Poo – Conference Corporate MC

Aubrey has produced various projects within the Corporate and Industrial Theatre Industry and he is further expanding into commercial ventures within the Mainstream Theatre Industry.

As a budding producer and entrepreneur, Aubrey’s vision is to bring a new audience into South African theatres and to diversify the South African theatre offering. Follow SI on Twitter

2014 mainly focused on theatre for Aubrey with roles such as ‘Junie Robinson’ in ‘The Colored Museum’, directed by James Ngcobo.

He most recently completed a run of ‘Marikana the Musical’, where he played ‘Commander Nyoka’ at the South African State Theatre and a run of ‘Ketekang’ at the Market Theatre where he was in his second production with the acclaimed James Ngcobo as Director.

He played a lead role in Penguin Film’s ‘C Sharp’ which is to be released in early 2015.

The role of ‘Orpheus’ in David Kramer’s new musical: ‘Orpheus in Africa’, will be Aubrey’s debut project with The Fugard Theatre and David Kramer.



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