Bill Hoop Russell – Motivational

Bill Hoop Russell - Motivational
Bill Hoop Russell

Bill Hoop Russell – Motivational has traded in millions of dollars internationally and has a wealth of expertise and experience to share. Bill is now available through Speakers Inc.

If “money makes the world go round”, then Bill Russell has a lifetime supply of frequent flier miles! Trading trillions of dollars in the frenetic financial derivatives markets for the world’s largest hedge funds, asset managers, banks and multinationals provided unique insights into market dynamics and the secrets to exceeding the most demanding clients’ expectations.

Bill has had an illustrious international career working in New York, Chicago and London, working with legendary futures visionaries and for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup – two of the world’s most influential investment banks. Connect with Bill on LinkedIn.

Bill is currently a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer for blue-chip companies such as General Electric, J.P Morgan, Deloitte and Ernst & Young and for such charitable organizations such as Speakers Trust, Young Enterprise, Shelter and TEACH South Africa.

When it comes to motivation, experience counts; real stories, humor, vision and purpose.

Bill will convince your organisation to embrace creativity and develop strong team cultures, to build self-belief and to commit to achievement.


Your Future Options are Limitless

Bill Hoop Russell has been a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer for blue-chip companies such as J.P. Morgan, General Electric, Deloitte and Ernst & Young – and for such charitable organizations as Speakers Trust, Young Enterprise, Shelter, and TEACH South Africa. He has frequently been a featured speaker, presenter and moderator in the financial industry, performing presentations for the FIA, FOA, and CME as well as Euronext.liffe and Eurex. Bill has addressed appreciative and influential audiences across Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East.

When it comes to motivating — experience counts. Real stories. Humour. Vision. Purpose. Bill is a highly informative and entertaining speaker on the global markets, the financial crisis, market bubbles, sales and team-building, business ethics and change management. He adeptly mixes superb business knowledge and acumen with an incredible ability to entertain – drawing on his experience as an award-winning impromptu and humorous speaker, and as an improvisational theatre performer in South Africa.

Bill Hoop Russell – Motivational will convince your organizations to embrace creativity and develop strong team cultures, to build self-belief, and to commit to achievement. You’ll commit to setting higher goals and passionately strive to surpass them.



Bill has that rarely seen ability to capture an audience with words, images and passion. His reputation as a prominent Speaker is well earned. I have seen for myself how powerfully he uses stories, video clips and voice tone to “paint pictures” in people’s minds. I was able to recall some amazing facts, days after his Presentation, such is the power of his messaging style.”

“Bill has a depth and breadth of experience that allows him to take the seemingly complex and make it simple. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill as a Keynote Speaker.”   

David Taylor, Principal and Managing Director, Positive Potential, Marlborough, New Zealand.

“Bill Hoop Russell will surprise you with his insight into the psyche of your organisation – his years of experience in large organisations have given him a wealth of knowledge from which he can draw on for relevant, contextual examples that support his message. A message that he delivers effectively and at the level required for the audience.”   

Dylan Piatti, Contracting Consultant – Marketing, Deloitte & Touche, Cape Town, South Africa.

“Bill was an exceptional Host, an engaging and entertaining personality … I would recommend his services to any event organiser … Bill will ensure that your audience are fully engaged and enjoy the proceedings.”   

Sir Michael Savory, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise UK.

“Only a handful of people find truly the right balance of speaking and moderating conference sessions. Bill is one of the few… His presentations are both thoughtful and entertaining. His knowledge of the financial services industry and its customers makes him an invaluable presenter.”

Mary Ann Burns, Executive Vice President, Industry Relations, Futures Industry Association.

“Bill is the most engaging, thought-provoking and compassionate speaker I have ever come across. His speeches are guaranteed to make you think, feel and act, and they are an experience you will never forget. I could give a million reasons why Bill is the best choice you can make for a motivational speaker or a Public Speaking coach.”   

Mariano Tufro    Citigroup London – Talent, Resourcing and Development.

“Bill Hoop Russell is an outstanding professional speaker. He stands head and shoulders above most other speakers. He gets heard because he speaks from the heart – backed up by nearly three decades of corporate experience.”  

Sue Warner    Founding Director, Speakers Bank.


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