Blarney Brothers – Conference Entertainers

Blarney Brothers - Conference Entertainers
Blarney Brothers - Conference Entertainers

Blarney Brothers – Conference Entertainers

Whenever and wherever you come across Blarney Brothers – Conference Entertainers you are sure to find a great big, foot-stomping sing-along party. Perhaps it is just because they simply play for the audience.

Making music they know everyone will love. It is all helped along with a liberal flavouring of genuine Irish Blarney and humour because the Blarney Brothers are as Irish as shamrock and poteen.

Their music is a mixture of Irish ballads, foot tapping pub songs, popular newies and the occasional Irish jig. Book through Speakers Inc

Blarney Brothers – Conference Entertainers

It is a tribute to their popularity that 30 years after their first performance, at the Astra Hotel in Durban, they are still one of South Africa’s top five acts.

In fact their history goes back even further as they served their musical apprenticeship playing in the Irish “Showbands” for 10 years before arriving on South African soil.

The Blarney Brothers established their enduring and endearing name by playing at “The Barn” in The Athlone Hotel, Durban every Wed. and Fri. for 13 years.

Since finishing there in 1991 they are now travelling further and further afield, often driving more than 10,000 km’s a month all over South Africa and neighboring states such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and even as far as Malawi.

The Band has also performed internationally with great success. They have played in Taiwan, Hong Kong,Shanghai,Macau, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Australia and the UK.

Paul, Damien & Tony are all fine vocalists and very musically talented with:

Paul as the leader of the group, playing the keyboards, banjo and guitar.

Tony plays the fiddle, bass guitar, mandolin, penny whistle and flute.

Blarney Brothers – Conference Entertainers

Damien plays lead guitar and vocals.

The Blarney Brothers’ six part television series, “You don’t have to be Irish” was filmed on location in Ireland and screened on SATV on two occasions in 1994 and 1995.

In February 1999 the Blarneys were the feature Band on South Africa’s number one TV program”Noot vir Noot” and on St. Patrick’s Day, March 99, they had a spot on The Kelly Show screened in Ireland.

The Band have also made guest appearances on the Dali Tambo Show and The Tony Sanderson Show. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

They have made 12 albums of their popular sing-along, party and Irish songs, the latest four, which are only available on CD are called ” You Dont Have to be Irish”, “Showtime”, “Party Collection” and “Dancing on the Tables”






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