Callie Roos – Strategic Thinking

Callie Roos - Strategic Leadership Thinking
Callie Roos - Strategic Leadership Thinking

Callie Roos – Strategic Thinking superb skills of survival and tracking (honed and mastered in the African wilderness), identifies him as a facilitator of strategic and leadership thinking, business skills and team processes.

Callie Roos

Notes as a truly inspirational speaker whose deep insight into personal and business issues provokes strength and motivation to overcome personal and inter-personal hurdles.

His ongoing successes elevates him to the status of a spiritual guide in the eyes of many people, from job seekers to business leaders alike.

Having courageously left an eminent career in the South African military (as a Special Forces Soldier and Senior Military Staff Officer).

Callie pursued his responsibility in the process of re-building the South African nation in both mind and spirit.

He integrated and mastered the art of soldiering with his love and passion for nature. Book Callie through Speakers Inc

Callie Roos – Strategic Leadership Thinking

This is where his passion to advance organisations and individuals began; with the ‘OnTrack Advance’ intervention; ‘Big Five’ country as an unrivalled experience.

Hundreds of senior business teams can testify that learning the ancient art of tracking and exploring the fundamental principles of an open system are intensely thrilling and it promotes a deep revival of the spirit, whilst they are expertly guided through a close encounter with their own most primitive roots!

Callie Roos - Strategic Leadership Thinking
Callie Roos – Strategic Leadership Thinking

Callie is known for his authentic approach and he has been deemed as a ‘rescuer on life and business strategies’.

African Tracker

I am on Track

What does ‘On Purpose’ mean to you? This journey kicks off with a life-changing and entertaining address aimed at becoming ‘on purpose’.

Purpose is the driving force behind a life with meaning and significance and if ignored, it is likely that any external success will ever consider you complete. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

By making use of the 5 principles of tracking in the African wilderness, Callie’s metaphor illustrates how the balance, the ‘here and now’ can be implemented into your life’s journey.

All you need to do is to decide what you want to find on the other side of the horizon!


A Simple Science

Business and life are meant to be meaningful and unique. This keynote is for the business leader who wants his team to believe that anything is possible!

Callie’s take on the simple science will illustrate that the principles of significance are equally true for everyone.

Regardless of your culture, background and environment, how you think of your life’s journey, will be completely altered and the belief that this can be achieved in one lifetime, will be instilled.


Evolution from basic survival to extreme prosperity

We were all brought up with education and we were trained to value scarcity as a key to our success.

The paradox from this story of survival is that your current mental frame, is the reason for your downfall and the potential failure of your business as a whole.

This needs to change and it will.

What are the fundamental laws that need mastering to move beyond a merely basic survival?

How do we come to understand the value of the ‘other’ in your team?

How does one experience connecting to others, abundance, peace, synergy and momentum?

Drawing from his experience of survival in the African wild, Callie Roos – Strategic Leadership Thinking teaches you how to thrive by applying his principles to achieve flow in the everyday ‘urban jungle’.

Takers – Changing a World of Instant Gratification

The Intelligence of Possibility

In our determination to obtain control, wealth and power, mankind created a jail filled with a community of consumers. It never shares, it has no creativity and it lacks the ability to identify when enough is enough.

We have become Takers. We progressively limit our world and our horizons. But what if the boundaries created in life are mere mirages?

You can break these barriers by learning how to recognize the bars of imprisonment and breaking down the mental frames that labels you as a ‘taker’.

This keynote is designed to help you see the bigger picture and the limitless possibilities that it has to offer.

The African Buffalo

A Future with Purpose

Why would we ever want to learn from the animal kingdom if we deem ourselves at the top of the food chain?

For most, the mental processes and current framing are just too powerful and reinforced to change, but for many, a lesson can be learned from the most profound experiences with the African buffalo.

Whilst these creatures display their significance by simply being whom they are, why then, is it so challenging for humans to follow suit as a ‘superior species’?

Our task, therefore, is to become true to ourselves and what it means to ordinary people around the world.

Callie Roos – Strategic Leadership Thinking

“Once again thank you for this session, if I had to summarize, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Best Regards, and I hope that we can work alongside you again in the near future.”
Johan Wepener, General Manager, Waterberg Operations, Exxaro Coal

“I have seen and experienced some of the top Speakers from around the world, but Callie Roos is head above shoulders to many … he is a master story teller … weaves it with humour and great application for both business and personal … He’s the New Breed of Keynoter of Keynoters … exhilarating, powerful, insightful, humorous … it is Hollywood combined with Tom Peters … a must have for your conference.”
Billy Selekane (NSASA President 2006-2007)

“Callie Roos is recognised as one of the great keynote speakers in South Africa. His uniqueness lies in a mixture of life experiences and personal successes.

The blend of understanding nature from a survival and tracking perspective, his experience as a Special Forces Soldier and his role as a spiritual guide to many, makes him a powerful motivational speaker. Another South African keynote speaker who made us proud of our country. This speaker left me with tears in my eyes – and I don’t often do that!”
National Speakers Association of South Africa, Convention 2007

“Thank you so very much ’“ it was excellent ‘bonding’ and capacity building initiatives/ideas and your method of facilitation and feedback, ’¦excellent way of doing what you all specialize in and do so very well, excellent, excellent, Excellent!!! ’“ you give us hope for our future and you really make a difference at ASA!! – we could not have asked for better!!!”
Jolandi Steyn, HRD Training Practitioner/SDF, ASA METALS

Journey without boundaries

A book that is often referred to during Callie Roos keynotes and experiences is about the extraordinary tale of an extraordinary man. An honestly told story of his military career, of a man who was twice decorated for valour, who pioneered and developed the concept of “small team reconnaissance” within the South African Special Forces.

He was a consummate warrior and gentleman and has told his story with humility and a disarming sense that what he did was simply the job he was given, when even the most cursory reading will show that it was anything but simple or easy. From start to finish, his life was truly a “Journey without Boundaries”.