Friday, November 27, 2020
Kurt Schoonraad

Kurt Schoonraad – Corporate Comedian

Kurt Schoonraad is one of South Africa’s most instantly recognisable stand-up comedians. With his earthy humour and comedic range he connects with audiences from every...
Conrad Koch

Conrad Koch – Conference Comedian

Conrad Koch - Conference Comedian is one of South Africa’s most in demand comedy talents.He combines hilarious...
Darren Wackhead Simpson - Corporate MC

Darren Wackhead Simpson – MC

Darren Wackhead Simpson - MC is one of South Africa 's most sought after stand-up comedians, doing live performances to packed venues around the...
Alan Committie

Alan Committie – Comedian MC

Alan Committie - Comedian MC is known as one of South Africa's leading comics. He is a character comedian, stand-up comic, actor, director, writer, producer,...
Barry Hilton

Barry Hilton – Conference Comedian

Barry Hilton - Conference Comedian has thirty years of touring, six children, two ex-wives, a new wife, five DVDS, two movies, Vegas, Cleese,...
Stuart Taylor - Corporate Comedian

Stuart Taylor – Corporate Comedian

Stuart Taylor - Corporate Comedian is probably best known to South Africans as the presenter of SABC 3’s hit travel show, 'Going Nowhere Slowly'. But when...

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