Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Gerry Elsdon

Gerry Elsdon – Speaker MC

Gerry Elsdon - Speaker MC made a strong impression on the co-host of South Africa's first Big Brother reality series and as a continuity presenter...
Grant Driver

Grant Driver

Grant Driver - Employee Engagement is a master at people engagement and communication, making the person (or people) he interacts with, feel...
Gary Bailey - International Motivational Speaker

Gary Bailey – Motivational Speaker

Gary Bailey - Motivational Speaker has been on the professional speaking circuit for over 25 years. He was inducted into the speakers...

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Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins - Leadership Innovation has become a master of innovation through massive changes and obstacles. Sterling Hawkins has overcome in his...
Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter

Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai