Friday, June 25, 2021
Nick Mallett

Nick Mallett – After Dinner

Nick Mallett - After Dinner is a Professional Motivational speaker and TV Commentator.He is one of the leading...
Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell – Inspired Leadership

Kevin Gaskell - Inspired Leadership is an energetic and passionate leader  with a record of driving growth, and delivering substantial improvements in...
Derek Watts - Speaker MC

Derek Watts – Speaker MC

Derek Watts - Speaker MC In 1978, Derek Watts wrote the news for SABC TV in its infancy. He was the first sports presenter...
David Grier

David Grier

David Grier is a humanitarian Bestselling Author and Speaker,  was born into a Cape Wine Farming Family in 1960, going on to...
Lewis Pugh - Inspirational Speaker

Lewis Pugh – Inspirational Speaker

Lewis Pugh - Inspirational Speaker goes to the extremes. He’s been to the world’s most inaccessible places. He’s put his body through...
Femi Adebanji

Femi Adebanji – Service Delivery

Femi Adebanji - Service Delivery is a sought-after international customer service speaker and organisational excellence speaker with Speakers Inc for over 5 years(Leadership,...

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Nzinga Qunta – Conference Facilitator

Nzinga Qunta - Conference Facilitator is a business news anchor with experience in radio and television, currently anchoring SABC 3 and SABC News’...
Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter

Jason Hewlett

Jason Hewlett

David Grier

David Grier