Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Siyethemba Seakamela

Siyethemba Seakamela – Empowerment

Siyethemba Seakamela is a sought-after Speaker, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Her authentic, personality coupled with soul-stirring commentary makes her a favourite for...
Samantha Hillion-Burns

Samantha Hillion-Burns – Customer Service

The founder and MD of Brilliance, Samantha Hillion-Burns is dedicated to helping companies around the world become more successful at and by proactively looking...
Siphiwe Moyo

Siphiwe Moyo – Business Leadership

Siphiwe Moyo - Business Leadership is an International Professional Motivational Speaker based in South Africa through Speakers IncHe...
Sarah Bauling – Customer Service

Sarah Bauling – Customer Service

Sarah Bauling – Customer Service was born and bred in Johannesburg. Having been involved in her family business for the last 19 years she...
Stafford Masie - Digital Innovation

Stafford Masie – Digital Innovation

Stafford Masie - Digital Innovation is a computer scientist who has been involved in the IT industry for more than 25 years. He...
Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins - Leadership Innovation has become a master of innovation through massive changes and obstacles. Sterling Hawkins has overcome in his...

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Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai is an international keynote speaker who has spent more than 25 years deciphering the secrets of outstanding workplace communication.
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Ollie Phillips