Friday, February 26, 2021
Sisanda Henna - Conference MC Speaker

Sisanda Henna

Sisanda Henna is the winner of the 2003 Best Actor in Drama duku duku award, who has acted in more than 35...
Stephen Grootes - Current Affairs Speaker

Stephen Grootes – Current Affairs

Stephen Grootes - Current Affairs is an Award-winning journalist and political commentator, is the host of the Afternoon Drive show and former host...
Susan Oh

Susan Oh – Artificial Intelligence

Founder and CEO of AI-based service, Susan Oh - Artificial Intelligence shares her keynote talks that helps users discern disinformation using novel...
Sonja Kruse - Inspirational Conference Speaker

Sonja Kruse – Inspirational Speaker

Sonja Kruse - Inspirational Speaker is also known as ‘The uBuntu Girl’ is blessed with a well-developed sense of adventure and enormous...
Sangu Delle - Entrepreneur Author Speaker

Sangu Delle – Entrepreneur Speaker

Sangu Delle - Entrepreneur Speaker is an Entrepreneur, Author, Clean Water Activist, Soros Fellow and TEDGlobal Fellow.He...
Shelley Walters - Sales Speaker Persuasion

Shelley Walters – Sales Speaker

International corporate speaker and trainer Shelley Walters - Sales Speaker who specialises in sales, persuasion and presentation skills, providing individuals, groups and audiences...

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Ollie Phillips

England Sevens Captain and renowned rugby speaker Ollie Phillips is the most successful Sevens Captain in recent British history, with a career covering more than a...
Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter

Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins