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Organisations that develop their employees to have the ability to be resilient, navigate change, lead themselves are more engaged will be considered the most resourceful. Learn this through workshops from Paula Quinsee | Trainer.
Noa Belling

Noa Belling

Noa Belling is an internationally published, bestselling and award-winning author with her latest book, The Happiness Workout awarded the Business Book  of the Year Award  in the category of Health and  Wellbeing. This...
Adrienne Verney

Adrienne Verney

Adrienne Verney’s background is based on a thirteen year amazing journey, in television, presenting shows and programmes, each filled with opportunities whilst with RTV/ZTV. Further added to this was three years of freelance television...
Tony Wake

Tony Wake

I’m sure you’ve seen shows where a superhero or villain controls the mind of someone else or reads another person’s mind and is able to tell what they are thinking and whether or not they are telling...
Dr Thando Sibanda – Culture workshops is a leadership and corporate development expert who through customized Inspirational keynotes and in-depth interventions, helps teams and organizations get unstuck, progress from any point where they are towards their desired...
Finding the right coach, keynote speaker, sales trainer or teambuilder for your business can be a daunting task. You have probably used many well-known “trainers” during the past few years and entrusted them with your most valuable...

Jason Hewlett