Cherie Eilersten – Business Entrepreneur

Cherie Eilersten - Business Entrepreneur Speaker
Cherie Eilersten - Business Entrepreneur Speaker

Cherie Eilersten – Business Entrepreneur is a dynamic presenter who is rocking the roots of South African business. She is the kind of speaker that all delegates want to hear.

She looks the part and plays the part of a highly successful business person and she delivers fast paced, content packed presentations. Cherie is now available through Speakers Inc.

Cherie delivers presentations that jolt the very foundations of your brain and your body – they make you think and re-think everything you are doing in terms of your business and how you are gaining and maintaining your client base.

Her presentations are not for the weak at heart or those who are on a gravy train to nothing.

If you take your business and your bottom line seriously, then you should be listening to her presentations – they are roller coaster rides of frightening facts and figures on retrenchment and downsizing coupled with enlightening and innovative ideas on how to make sure you don’t join these growing ranks of unfortunates.

Cherie believes that if you are in business in South Africa today – you are in the business of “selling“. She has been described as holding the attention of audiences varying from 200 – 750 delegates with all the power of an inspirational evangelist.

Former TV presenter, she worked under contract with Nedcor for five years as a professional speaker and trainer and addressed over 56 000 delegates under this contract.

Cherie is also the author of a 248 page marketing book; she has also produced 16 marketing videos as well as audio cassettes. Cherie launched a training club for sales people in 1993 and the subscription grew to an amazing membership of 3000.

Her Managers` Academy attracted 180 subscription companies. Cherie has also been included in the “Who’s Who of South Africa”.

Cherie worked extensively with the IIB, UK (Institute of Insurance Brokers) including keynote presentations and a “sold-out” National UK Training Road show, featuring Cherie as the only speaker. Cherie did extensive training in 1999 for the IIB through General Accident Property Services in the UK.

Cherie then launched a successful bond origination company with an exclusive agreement with ABSA and in 2004 she opened Platinum Planet, a property investment company that grew to almost 200 member offices throughout South Africa.

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Cherie Eilersten – Business Entrepreneur Speaker



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