Chris Voysey – Motivational Speaker

Chris Voysey - Communication Speaker Showcase
Chris Voysey - Motivational Speaker Facilitator
Chris Voysey – Motivational Speaker whose passion is how we impact the lives of others as we build our brand in the world of work. Chris Voysey is now available through Speakers Inc.
Chris Voysey – Motivational Speaker & Facilitator has a BA Degree in English from KZN University and a Diploma in Speech from Trinity College. After being in the theatre for some years, he moved into the world of advertising and marketing where he spent about 30 years as a Creative Director at Grey Health Advertising and Vice-President of Marketing at Neolife International.
Chris Voysey  has spoken at and MC’d many conference events all over the world for Neolife International. Since leaving the corporate world, he speaks on how to become an effective communicator.   Follow Chris Voysey  on Twitter.

The way we use our voices, our bodies and our brains in communication will decide the level of our success in life.”



Find Your Voice!

Key Change – Taking it to the next level

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same result.  Chris uses the piano with ‘musical’ illustrations to demonstrate how to step up your attitude and performance to improve your life and get better results.

Body, Mind & Soul

Develop every part of yourself – physically, intellectually and emotionally – to make the most of your potential.  Understand the natural laws of life to gain insights into how to use them to your advantage.


  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • English Language & Writing Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Self-branding and Personal Development


  • Voice & Communication Skills


“I wanted to thank you for all your assistance with the planning of the CTICC Staff Conference,  your excellent facilitation skills on the day and your great motivational talk. We have received very positive feedback from the team on the staff conference (indeed the most positive feedback in all the years I have been at the CTICC).    We simply could not have achieved what we did without you and are very grateful for your valuable contribution.”                                                                                                                  Cape Town International Convention Centre CEO – Julie-May Ellingson.