Claire Janisch – Biomimicry Innovation

Claire Janisch - Biomimicry Innovation Sustainability
Claire Janisch - Biomimicry Innovation Sustainability

Claire Janisch – Biomimicry Innovation is an inspiring speaker who is passionate about exploring the genius of nature and how it inspires extraordinary innovation; not only new technologies, products, processes and systems but also innovative thinking, systems redesign, regeneration beyond sustainability and so much more. Claire Janisch is now available through Speakers Inc.

She provides a vision of what the future could be like as we learn to emulate nature’s genius. Her talks are truly visionary, thought-provoking, mind-blowing, and uplifting. 

Claire Janisch – Biomimicry Innovation galvanises her audience by opening their minds to the significance of a future based on understanding nature’s genius and wisdom. She introduces them to the abundant and exponential proficiencies that are found in nature – many already being utilised to solve human challenges and many more waiting be discovered.

Claire’s talks cover topics across the board. Through her profound understanding of nature’s genius and the deep patterns in nature, she provides inspiring examples of thriving solutions to challenges for any organization or topic. Not only a keynote speaker, Claire is also a highly competent professional in consulting, research, education and creative innovation. She is comfortable with almost any audience – business, design, science, engineering, architecture, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, environment, government, education, medicine, finance, etc.

Claire’s talks will:

  • Expose you to cutting edge innovation and disruptive thinking .
  • Reveal nature’s innovation and sustainability principles to (re)-design your products, processes & systems.
  • Irrevocably change the way you view, experience and work with the natural world.
  • Provide an inspiring vision for the future of your world.

Her keynote topics include:

  • The Adjacent Possible – Envisioning a Future Inspired by Nature’s Genius.
  • Innovation Inspired by Nature.
  • What Else is Possible? – Regeneration Beyond Sustainability.
  • Exponential Technology is Biomimicry.
  • High Tech Wetware – how biological genius is inspiring future technology.
  • Reimagining Systems (how can our systems/ cities/your organisation function like regenerative ecosystems).
  • Tapping Millions of Years of R&D .
  • Bespoke (tailored to your specific interests & requirements – business, design, products, systems, motivation, etc).

Claire Janisch – Biomimicry Innovation has presented keynote presentations at many conferences and events and to a wide range of organisations, companies and governments in Africa and abroad. She has spoken at 4 TEDx events (TEDxJoburg, CapeTown, SeaPoint and Pretoria) and she has been invited to present to many schools including the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, Hilton College, Bishops College, St Mary’s School for Girls, St.Alban’s College, COSAT and more.  She can connect with and inspire any age and any field. She regularly leads biomimicry expeditions around Africa and other wild places. She offers outdoor experiences as an add-on experience to any conference/event. She has had numerous radio appearances.


Claire evokes a world teeming with near-perfect function, holding untold possibilities for our future on this extraordinary planet…. If there’s one word which Claire both personifies and inspires, it is surely wonder.” – Miöja.

It was one of the best and most inspiring talks I have attended. Thank you very much, Claire, and please keep going! My children loved it too. I’m glad they could be introduced to such a wonderful career option. If only I was 30 years younger…” – Financial Planner.

This is the most inspired I have been in my whole career. Wow this is life-changing – not just the information, but the whole new perspective on the world and our place in it. I am truly moved by how deeply meaningful and transformational biomimicry is. I loved Claire’s talk and will be creating opportunities for so many more to hear it.” – Environmental Management Professional.

I attended a presentation this morning and I am completely blown away by the information given and projects in progress. I would love to know more about biomimicry.” – Engineer.

Thank you for the eye-opening talk today Claire. I’m in the process of working out how I can get involved and use my resources to advance this biomimicry paradigm.” – Student Leadership.

Biomimicry is so sexy!” – Jenny Chrys-Williams in a radio 702 interview with Claire Janisch.

Thank you for a very inspiring talk, and the manner in which you effectively engaged audience participation. I was most impressed with the manner in which Claire, a chemical engineer, expressed ‘purer’ approaches to sustainable, cleaner resources of light, energy, medicine, food, etc. vs. conventional routes. It makes biomimicry so wonderfully attractive.” – Mensa member.

That was the most profoundly impactful talk I have ever heard. It was so unexpected. Now I know it’s all I want to be part of.” – Banking Professional.

This is the most exciting thing in education since I began my career.” – Graham Sayer, Somerset College. 

Many thanks for an absolutely awesome presentation yesterday morning at the Africa Utility Week! Extremely thought provoking, and certainly made the audience “sit-up”. – Captain Nicholas Sloane, Resolve Marine Group.


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