Corrie Campbell – Change Management

Corrie Campbell - Change Management
Corrie Campbell - Change ManagementCorrie Campbell

Corrie Campbell – Change Management – Postmaster of the Nuga Moya Post Office – has learned through the years of hard experience, how unthreatening and refreshing change can be!

His mission is to spread this message wide and far in his guide as a Corporate Communications Expert.

His vision is to disseminate his acquired knowledge to all of his fellow South Africans through Speakers Inc.

In the course of his highly entertaining presentation, he demonstrates a remarkable talent as a raconteur, who unwittingly displays all the recognisable human foibles and fears, which so many people have in common with him.

Corrie Campbell’s appeal as the common man is limitless. In laughing partly with him (and partly at his recognizable foibles), there is a scope for a real connection with audiences, as we struggle with the inevitable and sometimes the radical changes necessitated by transformation.

Brendan’s background:

1979 – Brendan arrived in Johannesburg from the Free State and began working as a puppeteer, musician and an architectural draughtsman. Corrie Campbell – Change Management led a team of puppeteers in the award-winning ‘Uz Adibals and Fings’ and ‘Zooty Rooty Toot Toot Show’. Brendan has played in bands such as ‘Clari’ which has been described as an Afro Jazz band and ‘Batukada’ a
Percussion and reed band, utilising predominantly African instruments.

1984 – He joined the Loft Theatre Company under the umbrella of The Natal Performing Arts Council in Durban for almost four years, performing in over thirty productions. Follow Corrie on Twitter

In 1989, Brendan joined the internationally acclaimed Theatre for Africa and in later tours, he became lead actor and company manager. The company’s awards include winning Fringe Firsts – twice, at both the Grahamstown and Edinburgh festivals with a special mention at the Singapore festival and a Royal Command Performance at Balmoral Castle. Brendna received a ‘Best Actor’ award for ‘Postmaster Corrie Campbell’ in ‘Gone by the Wind’ and a ‘Best Actor’ nomination in the feature film, ‘The Angel, The Bicycle and the Chinaman’s Finger’.

1992 – He joined Blue Moon as an Industrial Theatre performer and his clients included Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) values rollout and introduction of the new CEO, SA Breweries – values rollout to all of the staff, countrywide. This intervention won a Golden Globe Communications Award in Boston, JCI Mining – a teamwork presentation to all of the staff.

Brendan’s business background:

In 1995, Brendan co-founded ‘Jumping Dust Productions’, a Communications and Industrial Theatre company as a shareholder with operational responsibility for production and finance. Responsible for the creative delivery of key messages for clients in live performances, event management and video production. Whilst with Jumping Dust Productions (as well as prior to this period), he produced many industrial and corporate related shows. He has personally done more than five hundred industrial theatre performances as well as having produced well over twenty productions.

A few of his clients include City Lodge (industrial theatre informing staff that they had been given shares and what this entails), Mponeng Mine (a six month intervention based on Forum theatre where eighty miners would watch seven facilitated modules for seven minutes each. Any employee could then come onto stage and take the place of a certain actor and the scene would then be replayed with the other two actors, the scene would then be discussed etc.)
In 2002, Brendan signed on for a ‘Diploma in Advanced Business Management’ from RAU (now the University of Johannesburg) and he graduated with a distinction for his thesis, ‘Growing the Corrie Brand = A Business Plan’.

In 2003, he completed his Diploma and he established Corrie Campbell’s Corporate Communications Company (Pty) Ltd. Brendan developed ‘Corrie Campbell’ as a public speaker in consultation with the head of the ‘School of Human & Community Development’ at WITS, Thoko Mayekiso and Dr francois Strydom, a lecturer in the department of Psychology at WITS (now UFS).

And in 2005, Brendan left Jumping Dust Productions to concentrate on Corrie Campbell’s Corporate Communication Company (Pty) Ltd.

Corrie Campbell’s key messages are:

Change can be unthreatening and refreshing.
Change cannot be forced, but nevertheless, needs to be addressed consistently and urgently.
The complex art of listening requires a focus on the unheard sounds: – the subtext of a situation.
Stereotypes are useful because they enable us to categorize and understand the world but pigeon-holing is unfair and breeds prejudice.
Positive inter-group relations occur only with equal status; common goal focus; co-operative dependency and positive endorsement from authorities, laws and customs.

With three television series airing on South African television, from October 2011 through to the end of 2012, and four expeditions in the pipeline, including a new concept adventure, the next two years promise to packed with action and historical retrospection for this intrepid traveler and his team.


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