Dan Skinstad – Adventurer Speaker

Dan Skinstad - Adventurer Motivation Speaker
Dan Skinstad - Adventurer Motivation Speaker

Dan Skinstad – Adventurer Speaker is known as gregarious and warm by nature. He took to adventure exploration in an attempt to live life to the full, testing both his mental and physical strength.

While exploration itself tests the will and strength of any man. Dan is now available through Speakers Inc.

Dan suffers from a rare form of cerebral palsy known as spastic diplegia.

The challenges of his physical condition spear-headed Dan into testing his own endurance and mental strength in extreme circumstances, as a way to build his confidence in his own abilities.

Not only has Dan challenged others’ perceptions of his own abilities, his condition and strength of character, but his positive outlook and determination is an example to all those seeking to make a change and dare to dream. Follow Dan on Twitter.

Not content with testing his physical strength, Dan has also graduated with a degree in Law from Stellenbosch University and over the past few years has been working towards his admission to the profession through UNISA.

He also spends much of his time giving motivational talks on overcoming adversity and living a full and rich life.

In 2011, Dan Skinstad – Adventurer Speaker teamed up with partner Riaan Manser to circumnavigate Iceland in an adventure to end all adventures.

A double kayak, team work and sheer determination to conquer the harsh elements carried them through a grueling 2300km journey and six long months.

In September of that year they emerged victorious and exhilarated, having worked together to overcome harrowing moments, their fears and to complete Dan’s first adventure.

Dan was admitted as an attorney on the 1st of February 2013 and he is currently practicing as a legal advisor for Megapro Holdings (the leaders in the sphere of Sports Sponsorship and Marketing).

The biggest call answered by your presence is that you were there for the boys – a living messenger for them as someone who has life lessons to share for life. We value the interaction and will treasure and utilise the touchstones that you left at SACS junior.

Francois Nel, Headmaster.

“He encouraged the boys to simply “take a crack” at everything and never be left in a situation where they regretted opportunities lost.  He said that it had taken him this kind of attitude to get through life, and to embark on the seemingly impossible task of paddling around Iceland.  Without “taking a crack” you will never know what might have been and doors of opportunity will remain unopened.”

DR Glen Haggermann.


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