Daren Denholm – Memory Guy

Daren Denholm - World Memory Champion
Daren Denholm - World Memory Champion

Daren Denholm – Memory Guy equips schools, universities and businesses with tangible strategies that they can use to move them from a place of potential to a place of performance, thereby unleashing their inner genius.

He has also inspired, encouraged but more importantly EQUIPPED millions of people around the world through interviews and media coverage. Book through Speakers Inc

Radically increase your ability to learn faster and remember more With the help of
(Highest ranked competitor at the World Memory Championships from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere from 2006 – 2011)

Denholm was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and lives with his wife Katharine and son Jack in Umhlanga Rocks.

He is a lover of God, life and people and has the energy of a 5 year old with a University degree and a business card.

Denholm memorized a randomly shuffled deck of playing cards in 80 seconds at the 2010 World Memory Championships in China, 10 decks in 1 hour (520 cards) and 1140 binary digits in 30 mins with 100% recall.

He also learnt 10 pages of a National Geographic in just 4.5 minutes with 70% retention on Damon Beardʼs East Coast radio show in 2009.

Denholm has been the Highest Ranked Competitor at the World Memory Championships from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere for 6 consecutive years in a row.

He has also been the only person in the world to have competed in all 6 World Memory Championships during this time, (out of over 450 competitors from 42 countries,) arguably making him one of the most experienced competitors on the international circuit.
Learning Disorder to Memory Champion

The good news is that Denholm was never born with any special gift or talent and everything he knows has been learnt and can be taught.

Recently diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) his struggles at University set him on a path to discover more effective ways of learning.

10 years and 500 000km later, after connecting with the best minds in the world of memory, speed learning and concentration, Denholm has become a celebrated expert in the field of Accelerated Learning.

Global Audience

Denholm has personally delivered life changing workshops to over 125 000 people from about 15 countries in the past 8 years.

In 2007 he trained up the first South African team to compete at the World Memory Championships in Bahrain in the Middle East. 15 year old Adithi Naidoo was part of the team and after just 2 months of applying what she had learnt, she was pronounced the 3rd best junior in the world.

His unique ability to communicate a powerful message inspires action and ultimately achieves results. Follow on Twitter

“There are 2 types of people in this world. Those whose lives have been positively changed after experiencing a seminar by Daren Denholm and those who have never
attended.” Hylton Gudmanz, Gibs Millions positively influenced

Some of the companies he has worked with include:
Sasol, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Investec, Unilever, Volvo, South African Breweries and Old Mutual.

When he is not competing against the best minds in the world in International Memory Competitions, Denholm travels the world in search of adventure, knowledge, friendships over good coffee, perfect waves and uncrowded ski resorts with fresh snow.

Secrets to success:

Daren Denholm – Memory Guy believes that praying for wisdom is the single best thing that someone can do. He believes that success happens when opportunity meets being prepared.

Opportunity is everywhere, but not many people are as prepared as they could and should be.

He believes that the best way to be more prepared than your competition is to have more daily discipline, always aligning your action with the most intelligent approach and strategy. He also believes that practice does not make perfect, but practicing the RIGHT things makes perfect.

He believes that where you are; is simply the result of the ACTIONS you have taken from the

DECISIONS you have made from what you have been EXPOSED to.
“Where you (or your organisation) will be in 5 years time is based on 2 things: 1) The books you read and 2) The people you spend your time with.”
Charles Jones

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