David Felix – Conference Magician

David Felix - Conference Corporate Magician
David Felix-Conference Corporate Magician

Since a child, David Felix – Conference Magician has been fascinated with magic. Now, he dazzles his audiences consistently. He successfully creates a sense of wonder and amazement in any environment.

He has been a resident magician at Carnival City and he has performed for blue-chip companies, events and private functions.

David has also been a part of the comedy circuit performing at various comedy venues throughout Johannesburg.

He recently attended the annual Blackpool Magic Conventions; the most prestigious convention of its kind in the world. Book through Speakers Inc

The Magic

David is one of the few stage mentalists in South Africa. Seeing is believing. Is mind reading, telekinesis and future prediction possible?

Find yourself in a world where all things are possible.

Experience the amazement of a child. With audience participation, David will perform wonders whether you have a crowd of 50 or 500 people. He will leave you with memories for years to come!

Take your private or corporate functions/events to the next level. Watch David perform expert sleight of hand miracles.

Feel the energy, fun and excitement. Watch people gaze in amazement as the fork twists and turns. Paper changes to money.

Cards appear from nowhere and much more …

It’s time to feel that joyful child again. Have your mind stretched into areas you never knew existed.

Experience the crazy comedy that also goes with it! Follow SI on Twitter

“Well done on a magical performance.  Your interaction with the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit audience went down very well and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
Dean Carlson, Synchronised Marketing & Event Agency

“Fantastic show.  David really lifted the atmosphere and is a very skilled magician, well done!!!”
Sonja Mostert, Personal Assistant, The Royal Bank of Scotland

“We have used David over the years, and will continue to use him.  He is skilled at his craft and has an ability to establish rapport with people very quickly.  That, and accompanied with a very good sense of humour, he always wows the crowd.”
Dom Smith, MD – Provantage Events & Experiences

“People were not expecting what David did.  It was astonishing to say the least.  We will definitely be booking you again.”
Jaco Bekker, Business Manager CIB Specialised Credit, Standard Bank


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