Deborah Lettner – Celebrity MC

Deborah Lettner - Celebrity Conference MC
Deborah Lettner - Celebrity Conference MC

Deborah Lettner – Celebrity MC has appeared in a multitude of international and local films and series.

Her favourite to date being the role of Fanny Buehler in Scott Free Productions’ GETTYSBURG thanks to her love for period pieces. Now available through Speakers Inc

She has also been very active behind the camera in production on TV Commercials, freelancing with both Johannesburg and Cape Town based production companies like Velocity and Moonlighting etc.,

This gave her the opportunity to work on both local and international projects. One of her personal highlights was working with long admired director Alejandro González Iñárritu (who went on to win the Oscar for Birdman) on the 2010 Wold Cup Nike Campaign.

Over and above being an entertainer, she is a passionate communicator and enjoys MC work and speaking engagements as a more direct line to engage with audiences than her film and television work allows.

One of her recent favourites was Simply Asia’s ‘Ready, Steady, Wok’, a celebrity cook-off event that allowed her to interact with both contestants and audience alike. Follow Deborah on Twitter

She is passionate about upliftment and development in every sense of the word, from the personal to the global sphere and is expanding in this area, working on her first book as well as creating targeted talks around this.