Deon Basson – Sales Communication

Deon Basson - Sales Intelligence Communication
Deon Basson - Sales Intelligence Communication

Deon Basson – Sales Communication: Success is all about how we persuade and influence people, not just processed communication.

The way we Pitch is what makes the difference in the boardroom, in sales, in teams, between people.

Deon’s talks on sales or communication are highly applicable to any sales team and any team or company that needs more effective communication and now joins the Speakers Inc umbrella.

 The aggregation of marginal gains in sales – What do the top sales people do differently? In 1993

24% of sales people made 76% of sales.

Today 13% of sales people make 87% of the sales.

Shocking stats, but true.

All of this after nearly 20 years of re-engineering sales, training sales process, training sales people on their offerings and implementing technology to manage sales.

It seems like there must have been some aggregation of decay …. or that the marginal gains are not addressed.

Deon Basson will highlight that knowing your offering and following some process is important, but critical for sales success is how we interact when we are selling. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

Deon will illustrate the following :

1.     Understand how people differ in communication. Some people like facts, some people like process, some people like emotions, some people like risk and big picture. If you communicate only in your own preference you will most probably be missing the gold medal.
2.     Making the above real and practical for your company offerings. That is how do I convey messages for the same product to people with different preferences in communication.
3.     Understanding how your behaviour might be turning people on or off … without doing anything wrong. People differ in their behaviour and applying the wrong behaviour might be chasing people away. Sometimes we need to be competing, sometimes avoiding, sometimes accommodating and sometimes collaborating.  And for each there are times when you should definitely not be using a specific behaviour.
4.     Story telling. How do I make my message even more interesting so that people buy into our offering?
5.     Believing in yourself, your offering and your company. It speaks for itself.
Deon Basson will show the research that the top sales people apply the factors above …. be it naturally or through training. Deon Basson – Sales Intelligence Communication will give some great tips on the above and show how the great sales people in the world do it.
Life’s a pitch then you fly
How is it possible that two people addressing the same issue, with the same facts, with the same process, with the same audience could have such dramatic different end results? Even looking back at the situation (be it sales, buying or getting your point across in a meeting and/or interaction) it is still difficult to understand why.
In this talk Deon Basson – Sales Communication helps us to understand how different communication preferences interact differently, how subtle changes in how we say things dramatically improves our ability to persuade and hence our ability to communicate, persuade and negotiate.
Some areas addressed are :
Understanding myself and in that process understanding people
Principles of Persuasion
Building relationships
Tips on how to dramatically improve your negotiation/communication
Team communication
Trust in a team
Absolutely great for team building, team motivation, getting ready for change or creating a great communication culture.

Excellent, thought provoking and really really practical. – Microsoft Partner Summit

Entertaining and learning combined. What a brilliant talk presented with such a natural style. – Barclays
Great, great presentation and I am immediately starting to implement. The soft stuff is really becoming the most important in any work situation. – T-Systems
In a class of its own! – Shell
Deon has a high-spirited charisma and presents with natural humor, emotion, thought provoking words and intelligence. While many speakers are purely actors, Deon comes with a long history of corporate success making his talks extremely relevant to audiences that want inspiration, fun and the message being very applicable to the workplace. – Skills Factory


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