Douw Kruger – Motivational Naturist Speaker

Douw Kruger - Motivational Naturist Speaker
Douw Kruger - Motivational Naturist Speaker

Douw Kruger – Motivational Naturist Speaker

Douw Kruger – Motivational Naturist Speaker has been in the industry since 1997, sharing his unique programs internationally with world class companies such as Bayer, Exxaro, Coal, Johnson & Johnson, Peermont Global Hotels, Total Fuels (to name a few). Douw is now available through Speakers Inc.

Previously, Douw served in an elite unite of the South African Defence Force for several years. specializing in Bush Survival Training. Here, Douw gained valuable experience working with highly skilled individuals like fighter and helicopter pilots as well as paratroopers, teaching them survival skills and strategies under stressful and life-threatening conditions.

Douw Kruger – Motivational Naturist Speaker

Due to his passion and deep interest in nature, Douw summited Mount Kilimanjaro and he has undertaken expeditions to some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth, such as the Iguassu Waterfalls and the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens in Mauritius, the active volcanic crater, Karthala on Grande Comore, the mysterious Brandberg in Namibia and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

Douw has shared his experience and passion with numerous corporate companies in his unique and distinctive team building programs since 1997. Connect with Douw on LinkedIn.

As a professional guide, he has gained valuable experience across Africa since 1985. He has guided and undertaking numerous safaris in South Africa, Namibia, the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, Luangwa Valley in Zambia and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Douw has steered many people from different cultures and nationalities towards a closer relationship with nature and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Douw is a trained Farrier and Veterinary Orderly. He regularly writes articles for wildlife magazines and he serves as a Consultant Wildlife Expert for natural history / survival television productions.

Douw Kruger – Motivational Naturist Speaker


Performance in the Pack

In Douw’s presentation, the fascinating world of a baboon troop reveals immensely valuable lessons on ‘corporate cleverness‘.

This is a powerful presentation with superb visuals which motivates teams, inspires teamwork and improves performance. It gives a unique perspective on world class performance through the eyes of nature, while sharing respected business principles from books like ‘Good to Great’ and ‘Shackleton’s Way.

The following important team issues are discussed:

  • Stimulating world class performance.
  • Strengthening teamwork.
  • POMO Peace Of Mind Objectives.
  • Sticking together in crisès.
  • Resolving conflict.
  • Discipline is part of success.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • Perseverance, Hard work, Discipline.
  • Hardship breeds hardiness.
  • Ordinary teams can do the extraordinary!
  • Passion – your strongest motivation.
  • Team structure and strategy.
  • Sharing responsibilities and roles.
  • Reinforcing relationships.
  • Create and keep the champions.
  • Mutual respect and trust.
  • Forming partnerships and alliances.
  • Exploring & exploiting opportunities.
  • Earn your membership everyday.
  • Outperforming the competition.

This highly enlightening, inspiring presentation presented with enthusiasm, passion and humour provides powerful tools to recommit, recharge and revitalize your team. It is more than entertainment, it is a long term investment!

Douw has taken his unconventional approach around the world, and inspired the audience with an array of talks.