Dr Kobus Neethling – Motivational

Dr Kobus Neethling - Motivatonal Speaker
Dr Kobus Neethling - Motivatonal Speaker

Dr Kobus Neethling – Motivational holds six degrees including two Masters, a Doctorate and Post-Doctorate (cum laude) in the identification and development of creative behaviour (Universities of Cape Town and Georgia-USA)

Dr Kobus Neethling – Motivational Speaker has written more than 80 books and 9 TV series includinga number of international best-sellers (Including three new international best-sellers: ‘Creativity uncovered’; ‘Very smart parents’ and version two of ‘’Am I clever or am I stupid’—has sold more than 200000 copies), through Speakers Inc

President of the South African Creativity Foundation
Guinness World Record Holder: Co-author of “Making the Impossible possible” —the book of more than a 100 pages written in the fastest time ever —four and a half minutes

Kobus Has received 10 International Who’s Who Awards including Personality of the Year (2000); One of 2000 outstanding Scholars of the 20th century (1999: Cambridge England) and The International Who’s Who of Intellectuals Award

Member of an international steering committee to research the possible integration of the two disciplines—Creativity and Innovation (2009)

Invited as a co-author to contribute to the trendsetting book on 21st century innovation “The future ofinnovation” (London; March 2009) —coining the phrase. “Innovation of the mind without innovating the heart is no innovation at all”

Gave the opening keynote at the European Creativity and Innovation Conference (ECCI) –Belgium October 2009;

Member of the International Innovation Alliance –a group of 7 innovators from five continents – all international ‘innovation reward recipients’ The most prestigious innovation expert group in the world.

Dr Kobus Neethling is one of the top 3 speakers in the world on the topics of creativity and innovation” —-as quoted in the programme of the 12th European Conference on Creativity and innovation

Dr Kobus Neethling is a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer. He focuses on getting companies and individuals to extra-ordinary levels of thinking and doing. He is also an author of more than 70 books and has written and presented many television series.

  • Be empowered to establish passion, energy and courage inside yourself and inside your organisation.
  • Gain a high level of insight into the primary creativity skills and the practical application of those skills. It will also give you an understanding of your own brain preferences and those of others.
  • Develop skills to apply whole brain thinking (personal and within your job
  • Gain the ability to apply whole brain creativity techniques to solving problems
    creatively and finding 21st century opportunities.
  • Establish a business culture and environment which supports creativity at all
    levels of the organisation.
  • Sustain passion, courage and energy in the workplace.

He has presented motivational talks, training programmes, development programmes to most of South Africa’s leading companies and organisations and numerous international companies, follow Kobus on Twitter

Left, Right, and Whole-Brain Writing

Many popular authors have a left-brain writing style. Some authors have a right-brain writing style. Very few authors have a whole-brain writing style.

Consider articles in news magazines. Many of these, such as the ones found in Forbes and Fortune magazines, have a left-brain writing style. That is, these articles incorporate facts in a linear, logical format. Data and information are analyzed, and ideas flow from one idea to the next, then to the next, and so on. This is a classical left-brain writing style. Many nonfiction books, newspaper articles, and magazine stories use this writing style.

Very Smart Parents

During the 20th century parents, who are the primary educators of their children, tried to manage this vital educational role untrained and often lacking insight. “Very Smart Parents” is the ultimate whole-brain parenting book.

A child’s future does not merely happen, it is created
Every child has the creative potential to be successful
Creativity will determine whether your child will crawl or fly
Children must have vision and a passion for the future

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