Dr Kobus Neethling – Creativity

Dr Kobus Neethling - Motivatonal Speaker
Dr Kobus Neethling - Motivatonal Speaker

Dr Kobus Neethling – Creativity was invited to train the staff of Nelson Mandela, just after he became the First President of a new Democratic South Africa. The topic was “The importance of Creativity and Innovation in a new South Africa”. This was a great honour for Dr Neethling – regarded as the leading creativity expert in South Africa.

Dr Neethling was invited by the office of the prime Minister of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to deliver a presentation on “How to introduce and sustain Creativity and Innovation in the Organization”.

President of the South African Creativity Foundation and holds six degrees including two Masters, a Doctorate and Post- Doctorate (cum laude) in the identification and development of creative behaviour (Universities of Cape Town, Northwest and Georgia-USA)

Dr Kobus Neethling – Training has been training groups in more than 60 countries for more than two decades; their focus includes all the categories as below with an applied creativity and whole-brain (8-dimensions) approach (The 10 skills identified by the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Business School, as critical to cope with the 4th Industial Revolution, is part of our whole-brain methodology)


  • Received the 1998 International Leadership Award from the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, USA
  • Received the first International Creative Genius Award (2004) from the International Genius Academy (USA)
  • Developed the largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the world (used in more than 60 + countries) including the acclaimed 8-Dimension Brain Model
  • International Silver Screen Award (for a TV episode called Creativity)
  • Worked with national and international sports teams since 1993
  • Member of the International Innovation Alliance – a group of 7 innovators from five continents all international
  • Member of an international steering committee to research the possible integration of the two disciplines — Creativity and Innovation (2009)
  • Works with major corporations, national sporting teams, and education groups from all over the world
  • Voted by Femina magazine as one of the six best presenters in South Africa
  • Recipient of the Excellence in Innovation Award – one of the most prestigious innovation awards in Asia.
  • Dr Kobus Neethling – Training was the first recipient of the Paul Torrance life-time creativity award: one of the most prestigious creativity awards in the world (2019)

Topics for training


  • Establishing a whole brain culture (Focusing on leadership and followership)
  • Anchoring whole brain relationships throughout the organization
  • Determine the thinking, emotions and attitudes that are still below the line
  • Develop an action plan to eliminate the below-the-line factors completely (and the factors that are the happiness blockers)
  • Anchor above the line (whole brain thinking and behaviour, mature
    emotions and meaningful productivity)
  • The Above the Line model
  • The International Happy People Results
  • The Happiness Sustainability Programme

Applied Creativity: Number one Business Skill from 2020

  • Identifying creativity gaps in the organization
  • Initiating deliberate creative thinking to fill gaps and generate innovative solutions
  • Understanding how to produce creativity on demand
  • Developing the critical creativity skills
  • Putting whole-brain creativity into action

The Only way to have the Best Company is to appoint the Right Person

  • Shifting the ancient ‘Right Person’ paradigm
  • Introducing the revolutionary new Talent Identification Model
  • First the brain of the Job; then the Brain of the Person
  • Matching the Brains
  • Creating the happy successful organization

Moving from Ordinary to Beyondness

  • The ordinary paradigm (personal and business)
  • ordinary creativity – and ordinary results
  • understanding the Stretch Zone and Stretch targets
  • entering Beyondness
  • developing the profile of a Beyonder
  • creating new futures
  • getting Beyonder results

A New kind of creativity for a new kind of century

  • the 3 zones of creativity
  • the qualities of a Beyonder
  • moving from problems to possibilities
  • ideas for extraordinary times
  • seeing the future first

Using your Whole Brain in the 21st Century

  • understanding your 4-quadrant brain
  • moving beyond your comfort zones
  • discovering the 8 dimensions of your brain
  • putting your 8‐dimesnsion brain into action -gaining an amazing edge

From Creative Problem Solving, to Opportunity Finding, to Miracle Making

  • understanding the stages of creative empowerment
  • expanding the power of your whole brain
  • re designing your beliefs – the essence of your human being‐ness
  • becoming the miracle maker

Dr Kobus Neethling – Creativity


AS (Large Cosmetic Company) “It was not long after implementing The Kobus Neethling Innovation Programmes when we started to experience positive results on many fronts. Our sales people were able to communicate remarkably better with our clients; we all understood the needs of our clients so much clearer and the ability to use our 4 and 8 dimensional thinking in problem solving changed everything for us. Six months after implementing the KN programme and applying the instruments our profits rose by 54 percent” (Marinda le Roux; Regional Manager: A S—large cosmetic company)

Anglo Platinum (Anglo American Platinum Mine; Swartkop)
“We started production on this mine 50 years ago. During the past 3 years we were able to equal the production of the previous 47 years. This miracle was due to two factors: new technology and the introduction of the Kobus Neethling Beyonder Programmes and the NBI Profiling. The employees were more able find creative solutions. They started a spontaneous anti-negativity campaign and the production hours per person increased dramatically. The managers on the mine initiated additional creativity programmes to sustain creativity at all levels —the innovation programme for spouses programme and the creativity course for teachers on the mine were of critical importance.” (Clem Sweet: General Manager)

BMW SA – The training we received from Dr Kobus Neethling and his team made a huge impact on the energy, passion and creativity of everyone in the business. We saw the positive results immediately. There was a very big improvement in the enthusiasm of all the BMW employees; employees and clients alike experienced the positive atmosphere and great results followed. It became clear to all of us we need firstly to be more creative and come up with fresh ideas all the time and secondly the Kobus Neethling whole brain approach changed the way we think about business. We realized that we need to use our whole brain to attract clients, to communicate, to sell, to lead —we need it everywhere. Also in that sense it was a life-changing experience. Alwyn du Toit (Dealer Principal: BMW)

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