Dr Lizo Bango – Wellness

Dr Lizo Bango-Health Wellness Speaker
Dr Lizo Bango-Health Wellness Speaker

Dr Lizo Bango – Wellness is a Cape Town-based medical doctor and professional speaker. He has a unique ability to turn, rather, boring health topics into humorous, captivating keynotes leaving a lasting impression long after the event.

To connect with audiences – he illustrates these health messages using simple, innovative and unique tools making him the only doctor to win the Toastmaster’s Best Humorous Speech Contest in Southern Africa.

As a coach – he is, currently, completing a Masters degree in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

His passion is to facilitate change and development in others to empower them to realize their untapped potential.

One client mentions that “with ever-enthusiastic Dr Bango you can expect transformation, better self-awareness and a great, great desire to change for the best”

Dr Bango completed a B.Sc. degree in 1998; and further graduated at the University of Free State after completing a M.B.,Ch.B. degree in 2003.

In 2008, he completed a Certificate in Business Management with USB-Ed to help him gain better insight into challenges in a business environment. Book through Speakers Inc

Dr Bango featured weekly as the resident health expert on Expresso on SABC 3 on health conditions affecting our daily lives; with corporate clients including Sanlam, SABreweries, Procter & Gamble and many more.

He is, currently, registered with Coaches and Mentors Association, Professional Speaker’s Association, Global Speaker’s Association and Health Professions Council of SA.

As a shaper, activator and achiever – he echoes the truth that “Although people cannot choose their past, they can definitely select their future” (Stojnov, 2012).

Talk Synopsis: Fatigue in the Workplace

Ideal for after-lunch sessions or last day of a conference – this talk entertains, informs and inspires delegates to pursue healthier lifestyles. Follow through Twitter

It is customised to address wellness challenges within a specific industry. Fatigue not only affects every area of our life; but it’s risk factors are interrelated to those risks for other lifestyle diseases; which in South Africa constitute about 41% of the disabilities and deaths. This talk, addresses risk factors like:

1. Inactive lifestyle
Highlights dangers of inactivity both to managers and employees. Shares on the how to start an active lifestyle and the benefits thereof to one’s health and wellness.

2. Unhealthy nutrition
2.1. Quality
Discusses how food choices affect the quality of food one eats at work. Together with specific references to fruit and vegetables – the talk highlights the value of essential c supplements required to sustain a productive and high performance work environment.

2.2. Quantity
Addresses portion sizes and understanding of nutritional information by referring specifically to calorie-content. This section covers address basic nutritional concepts with reference to various beverages like: water, alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

3. Dangers of cigarette smoking
Addresses how cigarette smoking affects concentration levels and the quality of work. It draws on social influences that can manifest in the workplace, therefore, affecting productivity.

The 21st Century Health Survival Kit

This survival kit focusses on the top health problems affecting South Africa in the 21st century and how these affect your workforce.

Though employees are readily exposed to health information, few have the drive, determination and discipline to practically implement that which they’ve learnt or taught.

In this talk – Dr Lizo Bango – Wellness inspires, equips and encourages ACTION towards a healthier lifestyle; highlighting challenges, specifically, associated with diseases of lifestyle like obesity, diabetes and heart attacks.

The HIV Survival Kit

This talk inspires and encourages safer relationships and healthier lifestyles; highlighting preventable medical complications associated with HIV/AIDS that can lower absenteeism at work.

It reflects on various cultural barriers, perceptions and views that our dynamic society faces in dealing with HIV/AIDS. .


With THE AIDS SURVIVAL KIT – Dr Lizo Bango – Wellness addresses basic lifestyle modifications that employees or managers could adopt to ensure that their teams are more productive.

He casually and with poise covers common behaviours that lead to early disease and deaths.


TB is an old disease dating back thousands of years back. South Africa has the seventh highest TB incidence in the world.

During the past ten years the incidence of tuberculosis has increased, in parallel to the increase in the prevalence of HIV. Despite advances in modern medicine TB still emerges as the leading cause of natural deaths in South Africa; leading to significant loss of productivity, increased costs for replacing and training new employees.

The main reasons we are still failing to curb this airborne infection are still: stigma, co-infection by others and late diagnosis.

With THE TB SURVIVAL KIT, Dr Bango helps employers and employees to identify TB signs and symptoms earlier whether they are infected or it is those around them who are infected.

Dr Lizo Bango – Wellness

“Thank you for the professional talk you delivered at the Women’s event themed; ‘Women living a balanced lifestyle’. Your talk was inspiring and informative. The ladies enjoyed it and were in stitches with laughter while learning something new about their bodies and how they can improve their lifestyle and live healthier lives.  I cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile and coming in early to ensure that everything was in order and for staying to talk to those who still wanted to talk to you after the talk was done.” Zimkhitha Mqutheni (Miss), MD Ukhanyiso Communications

“I just wanted to thank you once again; the feedback I received after the seminar was incredible. The guests just loved the talk and it added so much value to the programme.” Sharon Holmes. Events Manager Network 21 Southern Africa

On behalf of EAPA-SA, we at Enov8 would like to thank you for your participation and support at the EAPA-SA 14th Annual Conference. Your generosity of imparting your knowledge and giving your time is greatly appreciated, and your presence at the event helped to make it one of EAPA-SA’s best conferences yet.  Your presentation was wonderful and you really made our delegates very happy. We have never seen such big smiles and such loud laughter at the end of a conference day.

Hello Dr Bango, what a wonderful surprise. You made our morning. Thanks. We were truly, truly blessed to have you. I really wish there were more health speakers of your calibre. I hope we get to work together again soon. Thandi Kunene(Ms). MD Dusty Gold (in lieu of Procter & Gamble)

Hello Doc, my colleagues had fun and thoroughly enjoyed having you as a speaker. You will surely be invited again. Nosivatho Mkalipi(Ms), Manager EAP – Dept of Rural Development and Agricultural Reform (EC)

“We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to you. This was without a doubt, one of our best conference ever and a word of thanks to a dynamic speaker like you in making this a great event. The standard you have set for us is so high and we can only aim to go even higher in our next conference.”  Mr Tshifhiwa Mamaila, President of the EAPA-SA

Very vibrant, alive and informative. He keeps one alert by continuously engaging with us as an audience. I looked around and noticed no-one was sleeping. P&G Women’s Event, Durban
Excellent presentation. The level of language and methods used by Dr Bango were easily understandable. I’ve grasped a lot in this talk. Siphiwo. Men’s Indaba

Very good and practical information. He has a very special skill with simplifying information. It was an excellent talk and very informative. The length of the talk was just right. Lauren v Schalkwyk. Sanlam
Well presented. I just loved the props, especially, the steel underwear. I have never laughed so much listening to an HIV talk. Sikelelwa Ntabankulu. SAB


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