Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation

Dr Mark Manley - Leadership Transformation
Dr Mark Manley - Leadership Transformation

Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation

Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation was involved in the struggle for democracy when he was a student and the SRC president at the University of Natal.

He was involved in transitional politics and he was the mayor of Randburg during the transitional phase in the early nineties, being the youngest person to hold such a position in a major town in South Africa. Dr Manley is now available through Speakers Inc.

He was also the national coordinator of the communications for the National Peace Secretariat during South Africa’s adversarial situations, a skill highly valued in current business practice.

Dr Manley has led his own consultancy since 1988, specialising in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Transformation. Connect with Dr Manley on LinkedIn.

Dr Manley has worked in over 30 countries, presenting seminars in many diverse situations, from under the open skies of a Kenyan game park to the shells of buildings, stripped by war and poverty.

He has also worked at some of the best conference centres in the world. All of these experiences, together with an open interaction he has with leaders of high impact and influence, enrich the already high quality content that Mark brings to each and every presentation.

Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation


Specialist facilitation for conflict resolution, strategy, and projects.

Conference Leadership:

Trust or Bust

Trust me – I am a Doctor, Mechanic, Secondhand Car Salesman, Accountant, Politician, Timeshare Sales Executive, Policeman …

How well do you trust other people?  Do you have difficulty in delegating? Do you keep important facts to yourself?  Do you have misgivings about your work mates? Do you find yourself checking the work of your team before it goes to more senior eyes? Do you have difficulty in relationships?  It all comes down to trust – how you trust others and how others trust you.

Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation has presented ethics and trust seminars for many years with remarkable results.  Teams have been reformed, values have been determined, reputations built, and ethics re-examined and established.  These insights are available through a powerful Keynote presentation that sets rules and action for life and business.

Based on the integrated leadership principle of Consistency or Integrity, Trust can be built up even in situations where it has been broken.  Dr Mark approaches this essential part of our social cohesion from two perspectives:

  • Integrity and Ethics – the action coming from core beliefs, values and attitudes, and building a success framework for better expectations and support in difficult circumstances.
  • Relationship Building – the methodology of taking relationships from stranger to collaborative partner.  Here Dr Mark shows how relationships are built through steps of mutual knowledge, respect, TRUST, intimacy, and partnership.

Dr Mark’s sometimes humorous presentation is as powerful in its applications in corporate life, as much as it is essential to personal success.

Dr Mark Manley – Leadership Transformation

The Virtue of Crash Landing

How well do you fly?  Does your heart rate increase at take-off, turbulence.  Imagine you knew for 2 hours that you were going to crash.  What would you do?

Dr Mark Manley has a new keynote address for conferences and strategy sessions.  From his recent experience on board a passenger liner that crash landed, Mark has drawn some key analogies and principles for life and business.

Relive the experience to change our thinking and behaviour for the better.  Your business does not have to crash land for you to adjust what you do.

Mark says:

“As terrifying as the experience was, I am better for it.  Being taken to the edge of life gives us a new perspective.  We can all learn to apply virtue in good, bad and ugly situations”.




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