Dr Woolf Solomon – Stress Lifestyle Management

Dr Woolf Solomon - Stress Lifestyle Management
Dr Woolf Solomon - Stress Lifestyle Management

Dr Woolf Solomon – Stress Lifestyle Management brings to his audiences a combination of high energy, insight and approachability. He speaks candidly from over 20 years of hands on experience in the “people business”.

Woolf is a multidimensional speaker – he is able to blend humour and substance armed with honesty, integrity and authenticity.

He has run a corporate and clinical practice, hosted both radio and television shows and has lectured and facilitated workshops both locally and internationally.

Dr Woolf Solomon – Stress Lifestyle Management

Woolf has dedicated his career to helping people change, addressing issues including team development, managing change, stress and lifestyle management, and living with purpose and passion.

His powerful presentations on the destructive effects of stress and the importance of lifestyle management are “must see ” topics for management and sales teams. Book through Speakers Inc

Woolf’s success lies in his professional, down to earth approach, his energetic presentation style, depth of knowledge and wonderful sense of humour. He radiates a high energy that immediately involves people.

He delivers solid content and shares practical techniques that can be used at home and at work.

Woolf helps to motivate teams and individuals to realise their potential in their quest to become Peak Performers.

Dr Woolf Solomon – Stress Lifestyle Management

Presentation Topics

1. “From Makapansgat to Egoli”

-Tribal Villagers to Urban Warriors

2. Balance or Burnout?

Thriving in the corporate jungle

Stress and lifestyle management

3. Adam and Eve at Work

Understanding the differences between men and women in the workplace

4. Boardroom Burnout – Bedroom Blues

The Relationship between Stress and Intimate Relationships


In today’s world of tension, uncertainty and change, organisations are becoming increasingly sensitive to the effect of stress on employee health and productivity.

Most employees want information on stress management. Fortunately, appropriate and effective solutions to stress-related problems follow through Twitter

Organisations today are spending millions of rands on training – upgrading skills at all levels in order to operate more efficiently and effectively. But, what is being spent on the core asset of the organisation – the mental and physical health of the employees?

Today, with an increased awareness, the overall health of managers/workers is being perceived as part of the overall strategy for corporate survival.

Now is the time to address these critical issues in the “corporate battlefield”.