Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker

Etsko Schuitema - Transformation Speaker
Etsko Schuitema - Transformation Speaker

Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker is trusted by major corporations to deliver – 26 years – 26 countries – 5 continents – 2000+ interventions. Etsko is now available through Speakers Inc.

Etko’s Mission

To help people triumph as human beings by shifting their attention from taking to giving so that they can find security, fulfillment, power and harmony in times of catastrophic change.

Etsko whose family was in mining, were exposed to the inner workings of the mining industry at a young age. At the University of the Witwatersrand he completed an honours degree in Social Anthropology before joining the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Research Organisation as a graduate researcher.

His work at the Chamber was initially focused on the issue of conflict in gold mines in the final eclipse of the apartheid regime. His groundbreaking work, dealing with conflict resolution, led to the development of a framework for understanding trust in this controversial industry.

As the Head of the Chamber’s Human Resources Laboratory Industry Project in the late 1980’s, Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker went on to examine the fundamental criteria which exist in the relationship between employer and employee. The outcome was a unique perspective on leadership which subsequently has become known as the Care and Growth Leadership Model.

The application of the model in South Africa’s gold mines met with significant success, which led Etsko and a small group of colleagues to leave the Chamber of Mines with the objective of disseminating the model more widely.

In 1989, he founded Schuitema of which he is the Managing member. Since then the Care and Growth Model has been tested in disparate contexts, in 26 countries and on 5 continents.


Establishing Legitimate Leadership

Based on eight years of primary research conducted at the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Research Organization, The Care and Growth model describes the conditions required for individuals and organisations to mobilise the commitment and willingness of employees. In this talk Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker will cover the following:

1. The core criteria of legitimate leadership.

2. What empowerment actually means.

3. How empowerment relates to control.

4. The role of the intent of the leader.

5. The relationship between the maturity and legitimate leadership.

Establishing A Trustworthy Brand

Every marketer knows that the message the enterprise should be putting into the market is that the business is there for the customer. Sadly, the customer’s experience very often belies the claim, because the people who the customer interfaces with very frequently do not live up to the brand promise. In this talk Etsko describes what is required for business to close the gap between brand promise and brand experience.

Personal Excellence

We are driven to pursue security, fulfillment, power and harmony in our daily endeavors but often feel that despite our efforts these aspirations evade us. In this talk Etsko explores how security, fulfillment, power and harmony are the products of how our intent operates and what we can do to work in our intent.

Gratitude and Awe

In this talk, Etsko examines the roots of our suffering and how we manufacture our liberation by deliberately cultivating gratitude in our lives. Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker will also explore the relationship between awe and gratitude, which, he will demonstrate constitutes the ultimate application of human attention.

Training courses:

Personal Excellence

People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. Being here to give or to serve is therefore the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual.

•    5-Day Personal Excellence Programme: This programme is for key individuals in client organisations whose personal excellence and growth is of paramount importance to the transformation of the business.
•    4-Day Personal Excellence Programme: This programme is run over four months as either two 2 day programmes or as four one day workshops. It provides a framework for participants to explore and develop their intent.
•    Personal Mastery Programme: Is an abridged version of the four day Personal Excellence Programme. It consists of six modules of ± 2 hours duration. The modules can be run consecutively with no more than three modules being run on one day and no less than a single module being developed once a week.

Leadership Excellence

Organisations succeed to the degree to which they solicit the intent of the average employee to make a contribution. This only happens when employees work for people who care and grow them.

•    1-Day Care and Growth Leadership Programme: A high level overview of the essence of the Care and Growth Model for the senior management of the enterprise.
•    2-Day Care and Growth Leadership Programme: Provides those in leadership positions with an understanding of the Care and Growth framework and an opportunity to assess the degree to which they are currently aligned to the criteria.
•    Principles and practices – Care and Growth Leadership Programme: The first two days are the same as the Introductory Workshop. The second two days unpacks the Care and Growth criteria in more detail. It deals with what Care and Growth requires of leaders in terms of their day to day leadership practices.
•    2-Day Leading To Change Workshop: The first half of this workshop deals with Personal Excellence (succeeding in life) and Change Excellence (succeeding in response to life’s changes). This is because it is clearly not possible to lead others, particularly in times of change, if one is not in the first instance in charge of one’s own life. In the second part of the workshop the focus shifts to excellence in the context of leading others at work, specifically in times of change.

Team Excellence

Teams succeed only when the members of the Team collectively give more than what they take out. That is, when they subordinate their own interests for the bigger interests of the team.

In addition, powerful teams have a clear purpose which unlocks or engages the will of the team members to give unconditionally. That purpose has to do with adding value to a customer. The team that does not give to or serve its clients will cease to exist.

Being here to give or serve is, therefore, the criterion which accounts for the excellence of any group or collective.

•    Grow To Care Workshop: The 1-day workshop is aimed at people who are specialists in an organisation or who do not have subordinates. It gives those in the frontline of a business the means to build relationships of trust with their colleagues, contribute to the success of the enterprise and transform their day to day work experience into an experience of personal transformation.
•    Mastery At Work Workshop: This 1-day workshop is for non-managerial staff and their immediate line managers. It clarifies what is required by both parties to deliver excellent individual and team performance. The programme realizes a commitment by those in the frontline to go the extra mile in pursuit of service excellence and, its corollary, the success of the enterprise.
•    Service Excellence Workshop: This 2-day workshop is aimed at enabling both individual and organisational contribution. It makes explicit how the core criterion of being here to give or to serve accounts for personal excellence, organisational excellence and business excellence.
•    People and Wealth Workshop: This workshop was designed in an illiterate environment. It enables employees to become mature contributors to the performance of their organisation through an understanding of the critical role they fulfil in the success of any enterprise. The programme can be presented over two days or as six two hourly modules.
•    Team Excellence Workshop: This workshop aims to enable client organisations to build contribution-focused, value adding teams.

Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker


Etsko is the philosopher for the 21st Century”.

Dr Michael Jordaan, Former CEO of First National Bank.

A programme of change in work style and behaviour has transformed the Johnson Matthey site at Panki, India. A workplace that was once characterised by a strong sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ – the worker/management divide – has now become home to a strong team ethic and commitment to excellence. Productivity at work has increased, hand in hand with a greater emphasis on employee and community wellbeing. This remarkable paradigm shift has earned Panki the 2008/09 Sustainability Award for People“.

Tarun Ghoshal, General Manager, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

What Various Audience Members Have Said About Etsko:

•    “Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker kept me engaged throughout the session. He is an extremely good lecturer. Excellent style. Brilliant!
    “He is one of a kind. I was very impressed with the way he introduced the subject.”
•    “Loved this session. He sparked interest to learn more about this, so I can apply it both professionally and personally.”
•    “Wow! Very strong content, very enlightening.”
•    “Excellent. Strongly recommend that this topic is included in every leadership course at all levels.”
•    “Excellent! Do something with this guy!”
•    “Content matter was almost explosive in its perspectives and insight.”
•    “Best session of the week, easily.”
•    “One of the best sessions I’ve attended.”
•    “Best session so far – strong, compelling arrangement that laid down important challenges to us all.”
•    “Probably the highlight of the week. I was challenged in a way I hadn’t been in a long time.”
•    “Enjoyed every second of it. Engaged us all the time and made it Nedbank specific as well!”
•    “Powerful delivery of this concept. Really challenged one to think how we can do things differently.” “Brilliant mind!! Had me enthralled all day. Really had some thought-provoking issues.”
•    “Etsko is one of the best presenters I’ve met. His flow of his topic and ways of explaining it was brilliant.”
•    “Awesome, interesting and useful. Emotional topic leading to tons of introspection.”
•    “Brilliant. Captivated everyone’s attention 100%. It was life-changing.”

Etsko Schuitema – Transformation Speaker clients:

Mining & Energy:

•    Anglogold
•    Attock Refinery Limited
•    BRPM
•    Eastern Chrome Mines
•    Harmony
•    Impala Platinum Refinery
•    International Power Global Developments Limited
•    LMK Resources
•    Matla Colliery
•    Modikwa Platinum Mine
•    Nkomati Mine
•    OMV Pakistan
•    Pakistan State Oil
•    Premier KUFPEC Pakistan B.V. (PKP)
•    Rustenburg Base Metal Refineries
•    Shell Pakistan Limited
•    Tullow Developments Pakistan

Financial Services:

•    AON
•    Askari Bank Ltd
•    Bank Alfalah Ltd
•    BankservAfrica
•    Barclays Bank PLC, Pakistan
•    IQuad Group Limited
•    First National Bank (South Africa and African subsidiaries)
•    Momentum
•    Munnit, Basson and Dagama Attorneys
•    Nedcor
•    Old Mutual
•    Pinion
•    Rand Merchant Bank
•    Standard Bank
•    State Bank of Pakistan
•    Teba Bank
•    Trans Union ITC

Food & Beverage:

•    AB Mauri (Australia)
•    Anchor Yeast
•    Browns Cash and Carry
•    Compass Group
•    Imana Foods
•    Kanhym Estates
•    Kumnandi Food Company
•    National Brands Limited
•    Nestlé Pakistan Ltd
•    Pepsi Cola International
•    Pick and Pay
•    Premier Foods

Information Technology/Telecommunications:

•    aVision
•    Business Solutions Group
•    Ericsson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
•    Mobilink GSM
•    Nokia Siemens Networks
•    Praxis
•    Siemens Pakistan
•    T Systems
•    Telenor Pakistan
•    Ufone


•    Apollo Tyres
•    Barloworld
•    Cargo Mercurius
•    Continental Tyres
•    Firestone
•    Ford
•    Goodyear
•    Johnson Controls Automotive
•    Tredcor
•    Trentyre


•    Aberdare Cables
•    AECI Coatings
•    African Explosives
•    Afrisam
•    Ampaglas
•    Assa Abbloy
•    Atlantis Forge
•    Chemserve
•    Cisco
•    Crescent Bahuman Ltd
•    Crescent Textile Mills Ltd
•    DCD Dorbyl
•    Denel Land Systems
•    Denel Saab Aerostructures
•    Detnet Solutions
•    Dow – Sentrachem
•    Dulux Decorative
•    Global Forest Products
•    Hall and Longmore
•    Idwala Industrial Minerals
•    Johnson Matthey Catalysts (UK)
•    John Thompson Africa
•    Kafironda Explosives
•    Kynochem
•    Mercedes High Performance Engines (UK)
•    Mondi
•    Murray and Roberts
•    Pretoria Portland Cement
•    Quest Chemicals
•    Sasol Oils
•    Sasol Polymers
•    Sasol Synfuels
•    Timken
•    Tubatse Ferrochrome


•    Aga Khan University
•    Cambridge University Institute of Manufacturing
•    Canada Pakistan Basic Education Program (CPBEP)
•    Ed-U-Options
•    Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)
•    King Edward Medical College
•    Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS)
•    Nelson Mandela Municipal University
•    Parktown Girls High School
•    St Stithians College
•    University of Cape Town: Graduate School of Business (GSB UCT)
•    University of Pretoria

Public Sector/NGOs:

•    Asia Foundation – Governance and Democratic Reform Program
•    Council for Medical Schemes
•    Department of Labour
•    Eskom
•    HRD Network / MUBARIZA Gender Trainers
•    Project / ROZAN
•    Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
•    Independent Examination Board (IEB)
•    Independent Schools Association of SA (ISASA)
•    Office of the Premier – Gauteng
•    OVAH
•    Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP)
•    Rural Finance
•    SABS
•    SAIMM
•    Sedibeng Municipality
•    SMRI
•    South African Revenue Services (SARS)
•    South African Reserve Bank
•    Taraqee Foundation
•    World Vision


•    African Media
•    Center for Management Development (CMD) Lahore
•    CTP Web Printers
•    Graphicor
•    Kaya FM
•    Khalid Aziz & Partners
•    Kievitskroon Country Estate
•    Marriott Chain of Hotels (PSL)
•    Quest Flexible Staffing Solutions
•    Richards Bay Coal Terminal
•    Royal Canin
•    Singita Reserves
•    TCS HR and Management Development Karachi
•    TFMC (Total Facility Management Company)
•    Timelenders
•    Unitrans (Pty) Ltd


Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human
INTENT is an exploration of what sits at the very core of being human, our intentions. It is a simple explanation in contemporary language and logic on how understanding the use of our intent can unlock the door to comprehending the vast spectrum of human experience.

Leadership: The Care and Growth Model
The key variable that accounts for the success of any Organisation is the degree to which it’s members commit to the objectives of the Organisation, pursue them because they want to rather than because they have to and are willing to commit discretionary effort toward their achievement. This book explores what sort of leadership creates these conditions, that not only focuses on personal excellence, but also on mobilising others.

The Postulates of the Thematic
‘The Postulates of the Thematic’ was originally written as the postscript to ‘Intent’. It is the essence of the book, distilled into sixty eight points or ‘postulates’. These postulates look at psychology, sociology, economics, the sociology of small groups, business science, social anthropology, and political science.

Beyond Management
Based on a decade’s research into the problem of employee discontent, this book makes a critical contribution to understanding the fundamental causes of conflict in the workplace.

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