Glen Silverman – Brics Trends

Glen Silverman - Brics Trends
Glen Silverman

Glen Silverman – Brics Trends joined Investment Solutions as Chief Investment Officer in May 1999 and he has over 20 years’ experience in the investment industry.

He manages an investment team of some 20 individuals, covering all major local and global assets. Book through Speakers Inc

Glenn sits on a number of committees within the company, including as Chairman of the Responsible Investing committee, the Caveo Investment and Risk Committee, the overall investment and Asset Allocation committees.

He is also a member of the Association for Savings & Investments South Africa (ASISA) Investment sub-committee.

Before joining Investment Solutions, Glenn was head of the consumer team and he was the senior portfolio manager at Rand Merchant Bank Asset Management (now Momentum Management).

He has also worked for Liberty Asset Management (now Stanlib), as an investment analyst.

An accountant by profession, Glenn is a member of the Chartered Accountants of SA and he is also a CFA Charter holder.

He travels frequently, meeting managers in many parts of the world and he is well known for his passion around the ‘sustainability’ (ESG) topic, as well as the ‘BRICS’ programmes and various associated presentations and articles.

Glenn currently offers two keynotes, one which covers ‘Megatrends’ and the other which covers the ‘BRICS’ programmes:


The term “megatrends” refers to global forces that define our world and influence the pace & type of change.

They impact all that we do either directly or indirectly. Identifying future trends & considering the possible impact of on economics, markets and society is an important element of generating any sustainable business strategy.

Glen Silverman – Brics Trends investigates the key megatrends he feels are most important and likely to play out over five to “twenty” year time-frames and delves into the implications for all of us. These include:

Finite Earth
Shifts of power
Financial repression

The ‘BRICS’ programmes

The BRICS nations represent approximately 40% of the global population, a quarter of the world’s land mass, and generates 20% of global GDP.

Rapid growth over the past few decades has resulted in the BRICS becoming a formidable force on the global stage.

It is possible that the BRICS will become the main driver of global growth in the future, but many questions are raised as to their objectives, longevity, and ultimate destination.

Research trips to each of the BRICS nations were undertaken over the past 2 years. The purpose of this research was to garner a greater understanding of each nation’s similarities, differences, complexities and shared goals.

The ultimate objective of the research was to gain insight into the investment implications and impact on investment decisions.

What is it that binds these countries together, and what could drive them apart? Will the economic aspects of the BRICS become more relevant, with a business forum and a new development bank?

And what is the investment case for the BRICS, and for each of the five countries? Follow SI on Twitter

Glenn Silverman, Chris Hart, & Lesiba Mothata attempt to answer some of these burning questions in their BRICs presentations. Dealing with each of the BRICs nations individually, they aim to shed light on these fascinating countries, and ultimately answer the question on many people’s minds – What is the future of the BRICs?


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