Hani du Toit

Hani du Toit

Hani du Toit is a proudly South African businesswoman, committed to the transformation of our society through amplifying the message of our shared humanity. In a world of growing polarity between people and an increasingly fragile planet, Hani advocates that only through conscious leadership and active citizenry, can we bring about change that is sustainable, transformative and grounded in our interconnectedness. 

She brings this awareness to her voluntary work as a lecturer in Leadership and Self Development at South Africa’s only crowd funded university, and a facilitator for leadership development in under-resourced schools across South Africa.

With 25 years’ experience in leadership education and human development, Hani works locally and abroad within companies, universities and government. She has lived and worked in the Middle East, has served as a relief worker with refugees on the Syrian border and extensively explored parts of Asia, Africa and Europe, learning how different cultures solve shared human problems. This has left her very aware of our extraordinary capacity as Human Beings to overcome adversity, to innovate and to forgive.

As an Inclusion specialist, Conversational Intelligence coach, a LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator, an accredited Team Coach with the European Mentors & Coaches Council, Hani du Toit holds qualifications from UCT, UWC, Cambridge University as well as the Creating WE Institute.

Her children’s book, Just Like Me has been identified by Wits University as a model for writing about inclusion for children. The book echoes her belief that if we look through a lens of compassion, we discover our shared Humanity.

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