Ian Rheeder – Business Strategy Facilitator

Ian Rheeder - Business Strategy Facilitator
Ian Rheeder - Business Strategy Facilitator

Ian Rheeder – Business Strategy Facilitator

Leader of Markitects Consulting, Ian Rheeder – Business Strategy Facilitator is one of those unusual marketers who can truly say that he’s a business consultant, speaker, trainer, strategy facilitator and author.

Ian is a registered Chartered Marketer, Training Assessor and Professional Speaker (Professional Speakers Association Immediate Past President), who differentiates himself as a master of both Strategic Sales & Marketing Management.

With abundant past career experience in both B2B and FMCG, Ian is a fulltime Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Author of 31 Marketing Programmes, spending much of his time facilitating Strategic Workshops with Clients.

Ian Rheeder – Business Strategy Facilitator

Ian is currently a strategic consultant and facilitator. Prior to starting Markitects Consulting in 2005, his last big corporate position was Marketing & Sales Director of the global zipper giant, YKK.

Ian’s competitive advantage is his depth of experience in both the marketing and sales functions. Book through Speakers Inc

He considers it a privilege to do exactly what he wants to do, which is share this knowledge and experience.

Ian’s current research is on the psychodynamics behind ‘What makes individuals, managers and leaders successful?’

Ian is a prolific writer and he has been widely published, almost monthly, by journals. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants hired Ian to write his first book, ‘A Marketing Guide for Accounting Professionals’ in 2008.

Ian’s second book on neuro-leadership, ‘The Lore of Leadership’ is currently in its fifth year of research as he completes his MSc in 2015.

His TEC neuro-leadership model was published in Leadership (July 2012).

He is the Founding Member of the SA Marketing Association and the Past President of the Professional Speakers Association (the Johannesburg Chapter).

Ian has consulted on and researched 40 international brands whilst at Markitects and Group Africa (no EXP Agency) where gained his broad FMCG & B2B experience. Ian has 22 years of senior Marketing Management, consulting and facilitation experience with major blue-chip companies and he has done international work for The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) in South Africa.

Ian Rheeder – Business Strategy Facilitator

Ian’s significant achievements include:

Company turnarounds – switching from a successful electrical engineering career (Rooivalk Helicopter Project) to marketing.
He was chosen as part of the official adjunct faculty at GIBS (2007 – present).
Amongst 24 speakers in June & August 2014, Ian was voted the ‘Best Speaker’ at two separate Knowledge Resource Conferences.
Amongst 20 speakers in January 2012, he was voted the ‘Best Speaker’ and the 2nd ‘Best Breakaway Facilitator’
In October 2009, out of 10 speakers, Ian was voted ‘Best Speaker’ at an International Marketing Conference.


Business Speaker

Top Speaker at International Marketing Conference

In 2010 Ian was nominated President of the Professional Speakers Association (Johannesburg Chapter) and is regularly nominated a top-3 speaker at conferences. Follow SI on Twitter

Money back Guarantee

On a scale of 1-10, Markitects offers a client a money back guarantee if the average feedback evaluation is below 8.5/10.

Top-17 Talks

  •     The 7-Deadliest Marketing & Sales Sins (and their Solutions)
  •     Leadership, Persuasion, Neuroscience of Persuasion
  •     Top-10 Negotiation Tips, with the Top-10 Body Language Tips
  •     Body Language
  •     Neuroscience of Persuasion & Objection Handling
  •     Neuroscience of Selling
  •     Neuroscience of Success
  •     High-trust Selling
  •     Consulting Skills
  •     Key Account Management (KAM)
  •     Neuroscience of Leadership (TEC Leadership Model)
  •     Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  •     Downturn Exploiting Strategies
  •     Attacking a Competitor
  •     Sales Management
  •     Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  •     Blue Ocean Strategy

Keynote Talks:
•    The Psychology of Customer Experience Management.
•    The 7-Deadly Sins of Marketing (and the solutions)
•    Leadership: The Neuroscience of Leadership
•    Marketing in Africa

Training/Facilitation (extremely strong in the following):
•    High-Trust Selling
•    Leadership
•    Key Account Management
•    Negotiation Skills

Your “customer experience” talk was outstanding – in my opinion the best Tile Africa has ever had in the last 10-years. Our 250 delegates are still talking about the points you raised today. I look forward to working with you again! Kate R. van Niekerk, Marketing Executive, Tile Africa




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