Janie du Plessis – Cancer

Janie du Plessis - Cancer Survivor Inspirational
Janie du Plessis - Cancer Survivor Inspirational

Janie du Plessis – Cancer as one of their country’s youngest TV presenters in the 1980’s.

Her personal charm, sense of humor and colorful life has made her a highly sought out South African celebrity, followed by the media and South Africans for the past 30 years.

Whilst living in Europe, Janie was diagnosed with breast cancer. After her diagnoses, she returned to South Africa, starting her own property business, she became a popular motivational speaker and she started to participate in passionately campaigning for various charity causes.

She currently hosts her own talk show on KykNet – ‘Wat Mense Se’, with the second season due to be released soon. Book through Speakers Inc

Janie’s history:
·    Born in Durban, 1962
·    Attended Jan Celliers and Helpmekaar schools (Johannesburg)
·    Attended the Rand Afrikaans University
·    She was a TV presenter and journalist – 1982-1989
·    Janie was a columnist for Huisgenoot (1986-1989)
·    Publisher/Editor at Bartholomeus Dias – English/Portuguese ex pat newspaper in Portugal (1994-1997)

She is currently a motivational speaker, the Managing Director of Odev; Original Developments (A services to developers property company)

Janie’s Television background:
·    1981-1983 – TV presenter (Teletien; STAR Presenter of the Year award)
·    1983-1985 – TV presenter (Graffiti)
·    1988 – TV presenter for Revue Plus (M-net)
·    1999 – TV presenter for VOORBLAD (KykNet)
·    2012 – Talk show host – Wat Mense Se (KykNet)
Janie’s Awards:
·    1995 – She was nominated for the FAIR LADY Pretty Woman Award. (An award presented to inspiring women in the community).
·    1998 – she received the Board of Trustees award for Supporting Awareness Projects and significantly contributing to the fight against cancer in South Africa and the rest of the world.
·    1999 – She was awarded Honorary President for the Mariette Loots Cancer Trust.
·    2000 – Extraordinary Business Woman award from the SA Council for Business Women.

Janie and public speaking:
Janie du Plessis – Cancer Survivor Inspirational has been speaking since 1988, originally with her focus on cancer awareness only. She shared her story of survival all over the country at charity and fundraising events and she participated in numerous initiatives to educate women in South Africa.

In 2010, her biography ‘ ‘n Keuse vir die Liewe’  was released by Martie Relief Meiring, a highly acclaimed journalist and writer. In Janie du Plessis – Cancer Survivor Inspirational controversial book, Janie finally spoke out about the other traumatic events and challenges in her past and she has since become one of South Africa’s few celebrity survivors who is addressing relevant, but difficult to discuss, issues.

Her personal account of fame, abuse, living with a drug addict and dealing illness, fear and loss, is an inspirational story that touches the hearts of all women.

Janie inspires, makes you laugh and candidly shares her ‘tricks’ of ‘how you can start again’. Being a savvy business woman, Janie has the ability to weave her personal tales into inspiring talks of overcoming similar challenges in the business world.Her audience is typically middle-management females.
Her topics include:
·    You Can Make A Difference In Your Own Life
·    Surviving Life
·    New Beginnings (Starting Over)
·    Women & Issues That Surround Us In Our Homes & Work Places
·    Abuse – Emotional & Physical
·    Dealing With Illness

Janie and charity:
The Marie Loots Cancer Trust – Janie is the Honorary President of The Marie Loots Cancer Trust, a charity that focuses on improving the lives of children living with cancer.
Cancervive – a special project of People Living with Cancer – an amazing annual 23 000 km awareness motorcycle ride through South Africa. Janie is one of the founders and celebrity riders of this campaign which reaches more than 25 000 people, face to face, every year. She manages the marketing of the organization.

The highlight of the morning was getting the opportunity to meet and listen to Jani du Plessis. Follow SI on Twitter

The ladies found her talk heart-warming and sincere and although there were many laughs, there were also a couple of tears as different people could relate to different issues that Jani herself had experienced. Everyone was able to get something from her to take away and think about. Felicity McNamara

I have known very few people who could rival Janie du Plessis. She is an extraordinarily multi-talented woman. She has an innate wisdom, a uniqueness, and verbal flair that can be both dramatic and genuinely funny.

In her larger than life presence, Janie rubs off on those around her, leaving them entertained, inspired and enriched by her energy and insights. Janie has lived life to its fullest and experienced more than most people.

This has given her the exceptional perspective to speak authentically and influentially about both survival and success. We can all learn something from this visionary woman called, Janie.Diane Kriegler (Psychologist)

Janie’s has a fantastic ability to understand behavioural patterns and foresee trends. She has lived an extraodinary life and has amazing insight into almost any topic with the ability to interpret it in a very creative language that is useable, sellable, funny and more often, quite healing. She is able to see the big picture as well as the wonderful detail within. Her ability to formulate her opinions in any discipline has made her one of the few people I always consult and take advice from whenever I start a new venture.Karen Roos (Editor: ELLE Decor)


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