Joe Niemand – Conference Entertainers

Joe Niemand - Conference Entertainers
Joe Niemand - Conference Entertainers

Joe Niemand – Conference Entertainers

If ever there was a band that gave life to that weird South African music phenomenon which has everyone who hears their music assuming they are an international act, then Joe Niemand – Conference Entertainers is it.

For months now, the four piece’s melodic rock has dominated airwaves, with songs like “Words” and “Simple Truth” easily slipping into the hearts and minds of music fans now rapidly cottoning onto the fact that Niemand is proudly South African – a truly homegrown group that makes music of a global standard.

Joe Niemand – Conference Entertainers

That Niemand crafts songs so effortlessly memorable has much to do with the group’s namesake and frontman. Book through Speakers Inc

Joe Niemand has been quietly moving behind-the-scenes of the South African music industry, becoming an in-demand songwriter and performer for those in the know – credited for his intuitive gift for a melody and knack of crafting lyrics that speak of universal themes of love, struggle and redemption.

Put this to Joe, however, and this unassuming singer and songwriter is reluctant to make too big a fuss out of his unparalleled reputation in the South African music business, professing to hardly remembering his impressive slate of work.

“I feel like my musical life is beginning with Reborn. It’s the album that I have been waiting to make for years because before this, my songwriting took the form of whoever I was writing for.

With Reborn I wrote every song specifically for this album, with each representing something extremely important in my life.”

Much of Niemand’s low-profile has to do with Joe’s belief in letting the music speak for itself. And thankfully for fans of perfectly on-point rock music, Reborn’s set of 14-songs is gaining momentum, on the back of solid radio-play, the selection of “Rise” as Supersport’s official theme for last November’s UK Springbok rugby tour and plenty of word-of-mouth buzz around the group.

What sets apart Niemand’s debut is the intense journey the album represents – a representation through words, music and visuals (check out Reborn’s artwork) of Joe’s personal journey of the past 10 years.

Joe Niemand – Conference Entertainers







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