Karl Smith – Business Networking Speaker

Karl Smith - Business Networking Speaker
Karl Smith - Business Networking Speaker

Karl Smith – Business Networking Speaker

Karl Smith – Business Networking Speaker is South Africa’s Business Networking and Referral Coach  as strategic tactics to attain business objectives at executive management level in diverse organizations, observation of attributes displayed by seasoned business people and reflection, inspirational self-improvement speaker, trainer and entrepreneur Karl has emerged as a highly motivational, pragmatic and esteemed teacher.

Karl Smith – Business Networking Speaker

He has designed South Africa’s first comprehensive Business Networking and Referral Skills course. Book through Speakers Inc

Karl is a prolific writer, entrepreneur and business relationship change agent who believes that Knowledge is not Power but Acting on Knowledge is.

His clientele is diverse and ranges from entrepreneurs to auditors, private bankers and fundraisers. Follow on Twitter

His message about tapping into the philosophy “People do business with people they LIKE, KNOW AND TRUST” may sound like good old positive thinking, but the teaching here goes deeper than just “appearance, handshake or business cards”.

Each training session or talk focuses on “people before profits and reputation before revenue”.

He is a former Senior Executive: Southern Region of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants is currently the owner of a successful consulting and training company specialising in business networking and referral skills training.

Finally Simple Steps and an Approach to Supercharge your Networking Ability so that you can Reliably Attract More Clients, Find a Job or Climb the Corporate Ladder…

Warning! Don’t attend another networking event, exhibition, conference or client presentation without using these proven networking strategies and techniques.

This event helps attendees build their social capital and increase their social acumen: Participants will learn how to:

•             Develop a “big picture” network that gets you timely information

•             Deepen a relationship from a business card

•             Teach people to trust you and decide if you can trust them

•             Decide what stage of trust they’re at with key contacts

•             Create a “strategic personal brand positioning statement”, the response to “What                 do you do?”

•             Master the 3 key moments in every relationship

•             Remember names – and make theirs memorable

•             Steer small talk to uncover resources and opportunities

•             Make the most of memberships, associations and conferences

•             Tell success stories that help people see the value

Karl Smith – Business Networking Speaker

“Hi Karl, I have to email you today to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk this morning. You thoroughly captured my attention and it was extremely interesting. Hope to see you out there soon.”
Nolands Chartered Accountants

“…Really enjoyed your presentation, Will bear your company in mind and see where we can adopt the value add for either ourselves as a firm or for our clients”, STBB | SMITH TABATA BUCHANAN BOYES

“Dear Karl, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk this morning at the Fine Business Women Network breakfast. Thank you for the nuggets of wisdom which I will be implementing.”
Oaktree Marketing Solutions

“Hello Karl, Thank you for a morning well spent, I had re affirming and learning happen. I loved your professionalism; the key information shared around networking…”
Hilary Joseph



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