Kevin Perkins – Conference Entertainer

Kevin Perkins - Conference Entertainer
Kevin Perkins - Conference Entertainer

Kevin Perkins – Conference Entertainer

Being a natural extrovert and a people person ensured that Kevin Perkins – Conference Entertainer would inevitably end up in the entertainment industry. Since his personal awakening into the thrill of performing, Kevin has enjoyed an unequalled rapid rise in popularity and has been extremely successful in his entertainment career.

Kevin considers it a true privilege to be able to perform for an audience and plans to make inroads into television, radio and film.

Given his natural flare for comedy and his vibrant dynamism, Kevin will no doubt be on South African television and radio very soon. Book Kevin through Speakers Inc

His latest project – the Diaries of Michael Naicker has received nationwide acclaim and looks set to turn heads in the entertainment industry.

Having been involved at a high level in the corporate world, doing presentations and strategic marketing Kevin is also able to conduct himself in a professional manner and adapt the tone of his presentations to suit the audience present, which makes him quite an enigma in the comedy industry.

Kevin is able to think on his feet and thrives on interaction with clients.

Kevin Perkins – Conference Entertainer

So Who is Michael Naicker?

Michael Naicker is the alter-ego of South African comedian, Kevin Perkins. Having grown up in Durban, South Africa, it was inevitable that the Indian culture and humour would rub off on Kevin.

Today Michael Naicker’s massive popularity is testament to the fact that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

“He’s so funny we hate him!” John Vlismas, SA Comedian

“Remember, he sang with us first!” – John Skuy, The 5X Band.




“Kevin is a born mimic and his chameleon-like ability to switch in and out of a multitude of characters and accents is incredible – even bordering on the bizarre.”
– David Wright, Managing Director, Flavourome (Pty) Ltd.


Tech requirements: A good PA system with a good quality mic; good lighting and a stage (if necessary) required … Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter



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