La Diva – Conference band Entertainer

La Diva - Conference band Entertainer
La Diva - Conference band Entertainer

La Diva – Conference band Entertainer

La Diva – Conference band Entertainer is a trio of ladies celebrating femininity and what it symbolises through a variety of music genres. This band proves that sophistication in music is very much alive and well and living in South Africa!

None of the superficiality that one has come to associate with some quarters of the listening public in South Africa! Book through Speakers Inc

The trio consists of Nelmarie Naudé on vocals, Karmi Marais on piano and Marlé Jacobsz on drums. They are backed by Christiaan Rabie on guitars and Rixi Roman on bass guitar.

La Diva – Conference band Entertainer

They perform rock, jazz, pop, Afrikaans songs and fresh and captivating original compositions. Some of the hits they perform are “Can’t take my eyes off you”, “They can’t take that away from me”, “Everlasting love’, “Lady Marmalade”, “Sonneblom uit Bethlehem” and many more.

Their shows are marked with female flair and excellence. Allow them to draw you in.

A little more about the ladies. Nelmarie completed her degree in music, with vocals as major. She is currently lecturing vocals at TUT and other colleges.

Her voice has a dynamic range seldom found and she is equally at home singing in all music genres. Karmi will complete her music degree this year, majoring in piano.

She complements the music with tasteful piano riffs and melodies. She also writes stunning songs. Karmi sings backing vocals in the group. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

Marlé completed her music diploma, majoring in drumming. She is the funky member of the group, driving the rhythm without overpowering the music. Marlé also sings backing vocals.


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