Lisa Bien

Lisa Bien

Lisa Bien is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, media personalities and author whose platform continues to reach the masses. 

Lisa’s “Morning Motivation” segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17 TV Morning News Program is a hit with viewers, where her tips on a variety of topics including relationships and family dynamics to empowering your life and handling the challenges of living during the pandemic.

Combining her trademark high energy and passion for storytelling to guide people on a journey of self-love, compassion and kindness she created Lisa Bien, Enterprises, LLC, delivering workshops and programs to transform lives. Her audiences raved that her core message – you can overcome any challenge by first learning to love and trust yourself – is universal and motivating. When she speaks it’s like she is talking directly to you. Lisa has walked the walk.

Lisa Bien lives in New Jersey. Her proudest accomplishments are her sons, Jacob and Ari. When she is not home, you can find her on stages around the country, inspiring others to learn how to create their best life!

Keynote Topics

How many times have you told yourself, today is the day I am going to do it? Then the day slips by with whatever “it” is still on the to-do list.  

For most of us, there are times in life when we really want to do or say something, but we don’t. Why not? Many times, I can almost guarantee, it is because we listen to our critical inner voice that says, “You can’t. You are not enough.”  

If this sounds familiar then this presentation is for you- Your Voice Matters: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom is for you. 

Doesn’t it get old listening to the opinions of others, or even to your own negative voice echoing in your head?  As quick as the flick of a switch, it weighs you down.  You know it. I know it. Stop now! It’s time to take a look inside, do the work and become who you are meant to be, and then own it. This presentation will help motivate you to use your voice, to trust yourself to own who you are in order to live your best life, professionally and personally. 

  • Recognize negative self-talk and thought patterns.
  • Identify how limiting beliefs shaped who they are in their life today.  
  • Learn how to recognize situations in their life they are repeating over and over, patterns which are not working for them.   
  • Make the decision to change and believe that they deserve to live their best life.
  • Recognize and take personal responsibility to create better communication in work and home life to enrich relationships. 

Empower, engage and energize your team

Presentation summary 

Are you waking up excited about the day ahead?


Are you giving your absolute best to your team?


Did you lose your mojo for your work?


Let’s face it when you lose your mojo there is no hiding it – everyone around can feel it.


The only one that can get your mojo back is YOU.


It’s time to get your mojo back!


Lisa will share how you can reconnect with your mojo, get it and keep it back! Because once you get your mojo back – you become fearless. This keynote is perfect for leaders who want to restore their mojo and create a work environment where people feel empowered, engaged and energized.

  1. Mind – Why mojo matters.
  2. Body – How to regain your mojo.
  3. Soul – How to maintain your mojo.
  4. Heart – How mojo and heart work together.

Presentation summary 

Bouncing back from anything— professionally or personally— takes resilience.  This presentation will help you dig deep and find your resilience. Knowing and believing that there is simply no one like you and that you deserve to live your best life! It means that no matter what life throws your way you will succeed – overcome adversity and not allow it to defeat you.

It can be a tough world out there, instead of sidestepping challenges, this presentation will offer Lisa’s 4 Gets to Bounce Back into You plan. She will share how using these steps she learned first-hand helped her bounce back!   

  1. Get Clarity. About what is not working.


  1. Get Real. About your responsibility.


  1. Get a Vision: About the best version of you.


  1. Get Going! Plan of Action

Presentation summary 

Did you know that 85 percent of people suffer from low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem can have a dramatic impact on your confidence and your career and life. It will keep you in your comfort zone because that’s where you feel safe.


By improving your self-esteem and overall sense of self-worth, you can enjoy a happy and rewarding career.


This presentation will take you on a journey of why it is important to love yourself and how loving you impacts every area of your life!

  1. Identify how our childhood defines us.
  2. Identify the value of mirror work.
  3. Identify relationships that are toxic.
  4. Identify when to seek professional help.

Unconscious, or implicit, bias is subtle, often hidden. You don’t realize when it’s happening. We all have blind spots and we all need to stop, recognize and reflect. 

This presentation will help you and members of your team become aware and mindful that your actions – whether consciously or unconsciously – impact others.

This is an opportunity to open your eyes and become aware of your blind spots. It can be as simple as making assumptions about others.  

  • Recognize the difference of conscious and unconscious bias.
  • Recognize how bias shows up in your everyday life.
  • Recognize how bias shows up in everyday conversations.
  • Recognize how bias impacts relationships.