Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation

Makheni Zonneveld - Change Transformation
Makheni Zonneveld - Change Transformation

Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation

Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation runs a soft skills training company that specialises in organisational development. She juggles facilitating workshops, addressing local and international audiences, hosting local and international conferences as an MC of note, being an entertaining storyteller and a coach.

Makheni is now available through Speakers Inc.

Makheni contributes to business publications and is a regular contributor to Real Magazine. She speaks on the topics that she facilitates workshops on such as leadership, service excellence, teamwork, assertiveness etc.

In 2003, she Launched an inspirational CD and DVD series, The Listen and Grow Series2004/5: A weekly unscripted inspirational slot on SABC32005: Rated as one of the top six speakers in the country2006: Nominated for the Shoprite-Checkers Woman of the YearAward for doing pro bono work.

Amongst her work experience, Makhena Motana lists the following:

  • College Lecturer.
  • Insurance Consultant.
  • Pharmaceutical Rep.
  • Client Service Manager.
  • Communication and Marketing Senior Manager.
  • Account Executive.
  • O.D. Manager.
  • Facilitator and Computer Programmer.

As such, when she talks about change and re-inventing yourself; you are bound to listen!

Makheni Zonneveld-Change Transformation is passionate about ‘growing’ people as well children’s charities. She is a co-founder and spokesman for the Child Abuse Action Group.

The achievement that Makheni Motana is most proud of is graduating Cum Laude with a ‘Doctorate in Life from the University of Hard Knocks’. She calls herself a ‘Possibilitarian’, an ‘Afro-Optimist’ and a Social Activist.

Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation


Diversity Guru and Management Specialist


  • Organisational culture transformation.
  • Redefining operational management.
  • The Whole Brain Leader.
  • Building a cohesive team.
  • Individual and organisational diversity competency
  • Diversity and management.
  • Diversity and teamwork.
  • Confidence and Assertiveness.
  • Assertiveness and Women.
  • The Whole Brain Woman.
  • Setting yourself up to succeed.

About Makheni:

As a South African based in The Netherlands, Makheni Zonneveld-Change Transformation has international experience as well as local context. She has real experience at different levels of management as well as fifteen years of consulting and management training.

In 2013 she published her first management book.

The communications tools that she employs are: professional speaking, workshop facilitation, conversation facilitation, coaching, writing and storytelling.

She is also a Neethling Brain Instruments® Master Practitioner and whole brain thinking is part of all her interventions. She is the co-owner of Breinvoorkeuren NBI® – the only Dutch NBI® Agent.

Apart from her unique entertaining style, Makheni is known for being a content speaker. Her talks are based on topics that she consults on and facilitates on.

She has real life experince at all levels including reporting to a CEO and tus her talks and workshop are based on exerience and not just textbook theories.

She is part of the faculty of the UK based Duke Corporate Education, a division of USA Duke University.


Makheni’s advice to anyone who will listen: ‘There are no substitutes for Integrity, Authenticity, Diligence, Experience, Humilty and Service excellence.

She has 3 hobbies which she attributes her success to – reading, reading and reading.

“I do not know anyone else who can communicate at all levels – from Executives to secretaries. It is a privilege for our University to partner with you.”

Prof Chris van der Watt – North-West University.

“I have had the good fortune of hearing Makheni deliver keynote speeches on several occasions. My business gives me the opportunity to listen to many speakers, all over the world. I can say without hesitation that Makheni is a star of international calibre. I have rarely witnessed a speaker so skilled at holding her audience in complete thrall, delivering powerful, salient, and often difficult messages, and managing to do so with grace and charm and humor”.

“Makheni seems somehow to be able to immerse herself directly into the audience. She becomes one of them, and in so doing, she does much more than merely deliver her message — she reveals it, illuminates it — showing her audience that her truths were there all along; they simply hadn’t seen them as clearly. Makheni’s talks are a coherent, memorable, and moving — and at the same time light and entertaining. Bravo!”

Tim Hurson – Toronto.
Author: Think Better, Sell Better and Never be Closing.
Senior Partner: ThinkX Intellectual Capital.
Founding Director: Facilitators Without Borders.
Professional Member: International Federation for Professional Speakers, National Speakers. .Association (US) & Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation

Master of Ceremonies:

“There are ordinary MCs, good MCs, brilliant MCs and then there is Makheni. What a stage personality and what an amazing speaker! The fact that she has integrity makes it a pleasure to work with Makheni.”

Adriaan Woudstra – M.D. AmaConference.

Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation successfully juggles being an MC with speaking, storytelling, facilitating, coaching and running Real Solutions Training in SA as well as Real Solutions Training Netherlands.

Serious Program Director:

Because of all these roles she is used interacting with audiences at all levels. Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation has hosted international and local conferences such as The Hydropower Sustainability Conference, The Saneri Launch and the Women and Sustainability Conference. She has also hosted many serious functions such as The Boss of the Year Awards.

Fun MC:

The versatile Makheni handles fun events such as women’s functions and year-end parties with the same ease. Makheni Zonneveld – Change Transformation tasteful humour keeps an audience interested all the way. She has contagious fun and high energy levels. She has hosted many fun events including:

  • Permanent monthly MC for the Sowetan Women’s club.Monthly
  • MC for the Bona Empowerment club.

MC / Speaker Combo:

She did road shows for Real magazine, Joko, Shield, Ambi doing a Speaker-MC combo.

Public profile:

In spite of being one of the most recognizable faces in the consulting world, her MC credentials are definitely NOT based on her public profile but on the value that she adds. Makheni has been in the media for more than a decade in roles including TV talk show co-host, two unscripted inspirational slots on SABC 3, appeared on Backstage and Erfsondes, contributing to Real magazine for 3 years, and contributing to business publications and various radio and TV shows.

Although she is now based in the Netherlands, she works in the English understanding world including back home in SA.

When professionalism, integrity and credibility matter, she’s your man!

“Makheni is a powerful stage personality as well as an amazing speaker and MC. I do not agree that Makheni is one of the top 6 speakers in this country. She is simply the best speaker, period!”

Grace Pule – Twickenham Mine – Anglo American Platinum.

Transformational Speaker:


  • Organisational culture transformation.
  • Redefining operational management.
  • The Whole Brain Leader.
  • Building a cohesive team.
  • Individual and organisational diversity competency.
  • Diversity and management.
  • Diversity and teamwork.
  • Confidence and Assertiveness.
  • Assertiveness and Women.
  • The whole Brain Woman.
  • Setting yourself up to Succeed.

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