Mark Bayly – Speaker MC

Mark Bayly - Celebrity Speaker MC
Mark Bayly - Celebrity Speaker MC

Mark Bayly – Speaker MC had a small screen career launched through the South African Survivor series as a speaker and corporate video presenter. Mark is now available through Speakers Inc.

Following the success of the SAFTA nominated magazine show on MNet, All Access, the Marky Bayly Show on the internet radio station 2 Ocean Vibe has gained thousands of listeners. Follow MSpeakers Inc on Twitter.

His versatility, sense of humor and lightening quick repartee has turned Mark into hot property on the corporate circuit as a professional and classy MC and facilitator of  conferences and team building challenges.

As a businessman with experience in IT, marketing, tourism and running small hotels,  Mark Bayly – Speaker MC understands marketing and the bottom line,  an unusual strength in showbiz personalities.  His speaker topic “The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Loyalty Programmes” is based on personal experience.

Mark’s love of the outdoors is well known. Sports hobbies include sailing, surf skiing and running up and down mountains. He has facilitated  two ‘Mens Health Look’ challenge finals and he, Sam Allerton and Doug Bird were the first three man kayak team to complete the Hansa Powerade Dusi.

Mark is ambassador to the Sunflower Foundation and Water Wise and an advocate for the prevention of breast cancer.


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