Mark Berger – Sales Speaker

Mark Berger - Sales Speaker
Mark Berger

Mark Berger – Sales Speaker approach is direct, practical and relevant. He is not an academic, espousing complicated theories.

He also steers away from the “RAH RAH” type of happy clappy motivation. Mark’s powerful presentations deal directly with the current productivity challenges faced by individuals, teams and organisations.

He provides real tools and proven strategies to overcome these. In addition, Mark builds immediate rapport with his audiences through empathic interaction and quick humour, available through Speakers Inc

Mark’s passion, professionalism and powerful visual presentation completes the package. All of this is backed by a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Mark spent the first twelve years of his working life as a manufacturing entrepreneur.

He founded, built up and subsequently sold three unique companies before entering the field of training in 1996.

He has become well known for his uniquely pro South African newsletters and a blog which mysteriously manage to travel electronically all over the known world.


The 5 P’s to Success

The 5 P’s Presentation is powerful, punchy and practical.  Mark humorously describes and demonstrates 5 key factors, which will help to ensure personal and organizational success. These are:


Sales Skills Training is our Area of Specialisation. We have a proud 16 year track record of successfully teaching Powerful, Practical Selling Skills and Sales Techniques to create Successful Sales Teams.

All of our Sales Courses are designed to achieve Immediate, Measurable and Sustainable Results – Guaranteed! Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

STRATEGIC Selling Skills

Learn SMART ways to Sell more Strategically using the Latest Strategic Tools and Technologies for our Connected World.

Professional Selling Skills combined with a well-designed Sales Strategy sets you apart from your opposition.

This workshop will equip your sales people with powerful ammunition to go out and win the strategic battle instead of fighting a price war.

At some point you get to realise that life does not happen TO you, it happens THROUGH you.

You totally get that you are 100% the CAUSE of all of the circumstances in your life, not the EFFECT of it.

You stop being the victim and have an awakening, a REAL i ZATION of profound significance.

You understand that YOU are creating every moment of your existence (and existence itself), either consciously or unconsciously, in every moment. It’s pretty damn scary when it klaps you between the eyes. T

he penny drops. The moaning stops. There is no-thing and no-body to blame for ANYTHING anymore.

There is just you, surrounded by the magnificence (or disaster) of every single one of your creations.

Make the choice. What do you want to create? A life of quiet desperation or a life of dreams becoming reality? A life of being the blaming victim or a life of being the victorious visionary?

Make the choice. Make it happen. Mark Berger – Sales Speaker will guarantee that with commitment, repetition, practice and persistence, conscious creation will become a habit. A life changing and life affirming habit.

Thank you for taking the action to read these words. Now go and implement the 3 levels of creation in your own life and watch what happens. Please remember to create from a space of love.

Prepare to be astounded!


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