Mark Keating – Sales Guru

Mark Keating - Sales Guru
Mark Keating - Conference Sales Guru
Mark Keating – Sales Guru is a life-long passion. From my early days in a ‘boiler room’ environment in the City of London selling financial services over the phone (and not being able to sit down until I’d made a sale … no joke) to my current role as co-founder and CEO of SalesGuru, sales has been the one constant in my life.

I believe it’s the greatest career in the world, yet too many people in sales never realise this and live a life of sales mediocrity.

As the CEO of SalesGuru, my role has been to build a great company that is focused on one specific thing: to help South Africa’s salespeople embrace professionalism and great selling practices and to help businesses grow and improve their sales teams through inspiration, education and training.

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Mark Keating – Sales Guru

Here’s why I’m different: I’m not an ex sales person who now wants to tell others how to sell based on average personal experience, limited results and reading a few sales books. Rather I have over 23 years of on-going sales experience, including industry top performer, sales management and leadership. This is what I refer to with no ego as “real world success”.

I head up SalesGuru which faces the same challenges of lead generation, prospecting, pipeline management, closing sales, customer loyalty and picking a future strategy in an uncertain market as many of you do. I also consult to many business on sales strategy and resolving sales challenges so I practise what I preach – practical “how to’s”.

Added to that however, Mark Keating – Sales Guru has one killer advantage: my days are spent with salespeople in South Africa and though they range across industries, they have in common that they’re all trying to make a success of sales. I spend time interviewing industry top sales performers on their stories and their lessons – what they did to achieve the success and continue to do daily in order remain top sales performers. I incorporate their “real world” tips with my personal experience for a blueprint of successful selling. This ensures audiences receive ideas they can believe in and can use immediately for increased sales success.

Although Mark Keating – Sales Guru describes his speaking style as engaging and humorous, I take very seriously the role of raising the professionalism of sales. I have spoken for over 300 leading businesses, both locally, into Africa and abroad across a broad range of sales topics.

I have also been featured as a sales thought leader in several publications, on radio and television.

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Mark Keating – Sales Guru


Top 6 keynotes below…

  • The secrets of SalesGurus
  • Get truly inspired for sales success
  • How not to suck at prospecting
  • My secrets for face-to-face selling success
  • How to boost your sales through referrals
  • Words, phrases and questions that unlock sales

Mark is also able to create a customised talk on any sales related topic based on your requirement.


“Mark delivered an exceptional motivational talk to our sales team. His talk clearly got our sales team feeling that sales is one of the most important teams in an organisation!”
Sales Manager – Nativa