Mark Sampson – Conference Comedian

Mark Sampson - Conference Comedian
Mark Sampson - Conference Comedian

Mark Sampson – Conference Comedian

Mark Sampson – Conference Comedian is more than a comedian. He’s a comediator. He’s more than funny. He is the bridge between an audience and an idea.

Sampson knows how to entertain, but he also knows how to listen. How many comedians do that?

Normally the comedian’s only aim is to make people smile, often at the expense of other people in the audience, whom he (and it invariably is a ‘he’) mercilessly ridicules in order to get a laugh. Sampson’s skills are somewhat above that. Book through Speakers Inc

The ultimate improviser, when he interacts with an audience, he hears what they’re saying and responds to it; the laughter is inclusive of everyone, and they build a unique show together.

Mark Sampson – Conference Comedian

Women love Mark Sampson. Not often because of his looks (though some are strangely taken with his mop and dimples) but more often because of his sensitivity. This is a man unafraid to admit he cries in movies. Sobs even.

Sampson doesn’t just pay lip service, he can truly see their point of view – as primary carer in his family, he juggles career and kids (sometimes literally) makes their packed lunches and takes them to school.

This unusual capacity for empathy allows him to bond with them to get that message through.

Men admire Mark Sampson. Not because of his looks (what’s with the hair bru?) but because he’s got balls .

They sense his passion for riding big waves and his erstwhile reputation for drinking any one of them under the table.

They know he can manage any crowd, from a stadium-sized music festival to an

intimate cocktail party, and have them eating out of his hand. Sampson can out-wit any heckler, and but he does it with charm and grace.

His put-downs don’t put people down, they put an idea across: an idea encompassing respect and dignity for all.

Corporates value Mark Sampson. Forward-thinking businesses have seized on his new brand of intelligent communication through comedy.

Mark Sampson – Conference Comedian

His most recent comedy products: Missing Links (a show about teambuilding through diversity) and his Comedy Masterclass (a confidence-building workshop) enhance their organisational management strategies…


Pick’n’Pay…don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a man by his hair, don’t judge a comedian by other comedians… we challenge you to check out Mark Sampson and see what the comediator can do for you. Follow Speakers inc on Twitter

Tech requirements: A good PA system with a good quality mic; good lighting and a stage (if necessary) required …


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