Mary Ovenstone – Marketing EQ

Mary Ovenstone - Marketing EQ for Woman
Mary Ovenstone - Marketing EQ for Woman

Mary Ovenstone – Marketing EQ, trained in psychotherapy in Canada and the U.S.A. alongside an executive career in corporate communications and television production in Toronto, now available through Speakers Inc. She returned to South Africa in 1999 and runs a counselling and coaching practice for couples and individuals in Cape Town.

Mary Ovenstone – Marketing EQ 

Mary Ovenstone has a diploma in Practitioner Coaching from The Coaching Centre, and an MPhil in Management Coaching from University of Stellenbosch Business School. She coaches business and government leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs in leadership and career development, in strategy and communications, as well as in work and life balance. She does Skype coaching worldwide.

She does team coaching and presents corporate workshops and interventions – often focused on collaborative decision-making and relationships in the workplace. Mary speaks regularly to public, corporate and government audiences.

Mary is often a guest on radio and TV and is frequently quoted or published in the popular and business media, and specialist media, follow Mary on Twitter.

Mary uses cutting edge brain-based coaching methods and EQ tools to coach and mentor business and government leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.

She draws on her own 15 years of senior management experience in North America in corporate communications and television production, on her 10 years of business coaching experience, and on her research for her Master’s thesis into the neuroscience of coaching.

She specializes in providing leaders with a fertile thinking space in which to develop self-awareness, to consider ways to self-manage, to understand and communicate with others, and to strategize.

She assists clients to develop resilience and balanced lives, to navigate successful careers, to develop self-presentation skills, to handle stress and manage anger, as well as to optimize the cultural and gender diversity of the 21st Century workplace.

Mary comes alive in diverse and generative environments. Lawyers, educators and artists find as much resonance with her methods as do corporate executives and government leaders.

Mary Ovenstone – Marketing EQ for Woman is on the coaching panel for Investec Bank and Asset Management, Old Mutual, The City of Cape Town, and The Office of the Premier of the Western Cape. She is a management coach for CoachMatching,  Xponential, ICAS and Resolve Consulting.

Management Coaching for Executives and Leaders: Ovenstone has coached leaders in several of South Africa’s top companies and government departments.

Legal Professionals: She has considerable experience coaching senior associates or partners in law firms, judges, as well as corporate attorneys. She understands the highly stressful and competitive workplace, the self-containment pressures of the courtroom, and the lifestyle stresses of the billable hour (See also section Talks and Workshops, for Legal Professionals).

Entrepreneurs: She coaches artists and other coaches to navigate their careers. She understands the calculated risks and effective self-presentation skills that challenge the self-employed.

Career Coaching: She helps clients analyze their career development thus far and to make choices in alignment with their life purpose.

Team Coaching: Ovenstone and her associates have participated in corporate and government interventions where they coached management teams and presented leadership development workshops.

Mary Ovenstone – Marketing EQ

Preparing Your Organization to Optimize Women’s Leadership Styles
Mary Ovenstone in association with CoachMatching
Are you ready for the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill tabled in parliament in 2015 that seeks a 50% representation in all senior and top management positions in the private and public sectors?

It won’t be enough just to hire more women. If you don’t prepare yourselves now as an organization to optimize their contribution, you’ll set them up to fail and then complain about the money you’ve spent.

Are you aware that the business world was designed by men for their prevailing thinking and decision-making styles? So far most working women have had to fit into that design in order to be heard and taken seriously. But as women have made greater impact on companies, it has become clear that they are no longer being considered as ‘optional extras’. Recent studies among multinational corporations show that with just one woman on a board, a company’s share price will raise an average of 26%. Gender collaborative decision-making makes more money for companies!

We all agree that men and women are different, but are your assumptions about those distinctions based on prevailing societal gender roles, which differ from culture to culture, or on the irrefutable neurobiological differences that can now be parsed by science?

Learn about those sex differences based on leading-edge neuroscience. Explore how to create working environments that not only optimize the contributions of your female managers but also expand your management and decision-making processes to take into consideration the increasing complexity of 21st century issues.



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