Michael Abrahamson – Corporate Mentalist

Michael Abrahamson-Corporate Mentalist
Michael Abrahamson-Corporate Mentalist

Michael Abrahamson – Corporate Mentalist is one of SA’s top mentalists and has modified his corporate show to feature unique routines which are mind-boggling. His show is fully interactive and promotes lots of discussion – the perfect ice-breaker to your event.

Michael originally made his name in the industry as a multi award-winning sports broadcaster on TV and radio.

He has covered high profile sporting events across the globe, including the Athens Olympic Games, World Cups in cricket, rugby and soccer, SA tours to the Caribbean, Italy and the UK and major events in over 20 sporting codes.

He was the recipient of the top radio broadcaster SAB award for the FIFA 2010 World Cup and his voice has been heard internationally.

He also does voice overs and acts as MC for numerous cricket, swimming and gymnastics events. Book through Speakers Inc

Originally a magician, Michael was exposed to mentalism in the early 2000s, and immediately started working on putting a unique show together.

Since SA has very few mentalists, Michael’s show is unique and a real eye-opener to clients looking for something very different to spice up their events.

Michael’s show varies from event to event and he never performs exactly the same show twice, in order to give people who might have seen him before, something new to watch and enjoy.

Mentalism is an art form which allows the mentalist to use his or her five senses to create some wonderfully unique entertainment.

Michael’s show incorporates mathematics, memory feats, psychological suggestion, mind reading, body language, eye movement etc, and he even prefaces his show with some information about how his audience can use these skills in their day to day life. As such, audience members leave the event not only with a mind-blowing show to talk about, but with some skills that they can use to better their own performances in their day to day lives.

Michael Abrahamson – Corporate Mentalist

His three mentalism stage shows, Powerbrain – The Mentalist, Powerbrain – The Mentalist Sequel and most recently, Visage – Revealing the Secrets of the Mind, have played to big audiences and exposed mentalism to a wide spectrum of the SA public.

Michael also offers training programmes for corporate clients, and runs Memory and Mind Building courses around the country for school learners, varsity and college students, and corporate clients. Follow SI on Twitter

Michael also offers quiz shows, both general knowledge and music, which also go down very well. All the quizzes have a twist at the end, which keeps everyone interested right up until the final round. He is also an MC and a sought-after guest speaker, and his client list involves most of the big corporate companies in SA.