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Mike Saunders

A love of technology and a heart for people have been the fuel behind Mike Saunders – Digital Speaker entrepreneurial journey.

An international keynote speaker, digital thought leader and author, Mike has a unique ability to lead business with a crystal-clear leadership philosophy that encompasses ‘unlocking potential’, ‘nurturing trust’ and ‘developing narrative’.

He believes that technology innovates a new future, accelerates growth potential and scales business.
According to Mike “technology unlocks our future and is a fundamental driver of our success”.
It’s his belief in technology and people which spurred him into founding DigitLab.
DigitLab has grown to become one of South Africa’s premier digital marketing agencies and it was voted as one of South Africa’s Best Digital Agencies in 2012.
The company provides services in social media, SEO, Advertising, Digital Research, Mobile App and Web Development and they are proud to include a variety of national and international brands on their client list including the likes of KPMG, City Lodge and Beiersdorf.
In 2015, Mike launched the DigitLab Academy; to educate marketers and to support the academic industry with sound digital strategy education material.
A powerful partnership with Vega School of Branding saw 150 people run through the academy in its first quarter.  Book through Speakers Inc
Digital Swarm, a nationwide digital community that fuels the growth of the digital marketing industry is another brainchild of Mike’s.
The Swarm hosts quarterly events in Durban and JHB and it has attracted speakers from South Africa’s top brands such as KFC, AXE and Google.
Acknowledged by his peers in 2012, as one of the Top 20 South Africans to Follow on Twitter, Mike was awarded Special Honours at the New Generation Awards for his contribution to the industry.
Over the last few years, Mike has won the respect of business by his determined approach to helping people navigate a diverse and complicated world of Digital Business.
A born entrepreneur with a deep belief that entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful solutions to poverty. Mike mentors businesses through his consulting business, Brave Narrative.

In 2016, he released his first book, ‘The Five-Year Mark’ which imparts the lessons which Mike has learnt while establishing his businesses.
It is a clear, inspirational and practical template for entrepreneurs seeking success. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter
As an international keynote speaker, Mike Saunders – Digital Speaker is able to engage his audience in an energizing, personal and interactive manner by drawing on his life experiences and personal stories. With over ten years’ experience in the digital industry, Mike speaks with authority drawn from his experience.

He leaves delegates captivated and inspired about the potential in both technology and people. He has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious organisations in the world.

Mike Saunders delivers customized keynotes around the following topics:

• Digital Marketing
• Brand and Innovation
• The Millennial Generation
• Entrepreneurship
• Technology in Business

“Great presentation Mike! Thank you for joining us today, debating the Future Agenda” Pieter Uys, CEO of Vodacom

“Mike has been a valuable resource for my colleagues and I at the Mr Price Group. We have used him as a speaker and as a specialist consultant, regarding the uses & implications of Social Media within our business”
Justin Bodil, Talent Development Specialist at Mr Price Group

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